Chainsaw Man 106 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 105 Explained: Demon Justice Yuko Attacks Asa School

Chainsaw Man 106 Spoiler Trailer, Episode 105 Synopsis: Signing a contract with the demon justice, Yuko is going to school to “deal with” those who dare to bully Asa. Here’s a “great opportunity” for the real Chainsawman – the Chainsawman to be revealed!

Chainsaw Man Summary 105

Chapter 105 begins with what happened after Chapter 104 ended. Yoru is a little annoyed that Asa chooses to leave when he hears Danji claiming to be the chainsaw man. Asa explains that real chainsaw people don’t do that. Revealing his identity would cause him a lot of trouble, so he had no reason to do so. And, in Azuo’s eyes, Danji is just a stupid crazy fan, no more, no less.

Asa’s strong arguments seem to convince Yoru. The war demon turned and ordered Asa that she needed to “hunt” more. Asa refuses because she still has to see Yuko. Also, “Won’t the Chainsaw Man show up if I send demons to school?”.

Asha visits Yuko while Ye is busy making plans. Yuko was very happy when Azo came. The two were a little shy at first, but they chatted happily afterwards. They also tell each other their secrets.

Yuko said she killed her neighbor yesterday. Azo was dubious—but Yuko seemed to be telling the truth. Yuko then said she would not reveal anything, including the fact that Asa killed the teacher and the monitor.

She later revealed that she had signed a pact with the Righteous Demon yesterday, giving her the ability to read minds. Yuko says her goal is to use demonic powers to address Asa’s “source of bullying” at school.

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Chainsaw Man 106 Spoiler Predictions

Chainsaw Man 106

Well, the author turned the car 180 degrees. Instead of making Yuko an ordinary friend of Aso, the author decided to treat her as a villain! Will Asa stop Yuko? Maybe – maybe not. Yoru needs the demon to show up at the school, and Yuko “accidentally” shows up at the right time. Either way, Yuko will manage to reach the school and cause a commotion. This will be the main development for Chapter 106.

Realizing that there are demons at school, Denji will show up 100% – unless he doesn’t come to school that day. Now that Yuko has become “indignant” and dangerous, Asha will sooner or later turn her into a weapon with the power of a war demon (though most of the time she doesn’t want to). The beautiful friendship story between Asa and Yuko may be coming to an end…

Asa doesn’t really hate chainsaws right now. However, what if the Chainsaw Man killed Yuko, her best friend? This may be the main driving force behind Asa’s determination to eliminate the Sawman.

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With Yuko’s abilities, the Chainsaw Man’s storyline will be significantly affected. Will Denji reveal his identity? Maybe – but not everyone knows it. Asa is an eyewitness, so she’ll know that Denji really is the chainsaw man. The next part of the story will be how she and the war demons prepare for an all-out confrontation with the Chainsaw Man.

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Chainsaw Man Post time 106

One week off, Chainsaw Man Chapter 106 is scheduled to be released on MangaPlus on October 11, 2022 at 10pm. Predictions and spoilers will be revealed. Update soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

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