Spy X Family: All About Becky Black Bell – She Wants to Take Joel’s Husband and Mother Anya!

Betsy, who thought she was just an ordinary girl, turned out to be the “power” that scared Anya. In the article below, you and Lag are invited to learn about the character in the manga and anime Spy X Family who intends to steal Yor’s husband and become Anya’s mother!

Who is Becky Blackbell?

Becky is a supporting character in the manga and anime Spy X Family. She is Anya’s best friend and the one who always accompanies the heroine in the school’s daily activities.

In the anime, Becky is voiced by Emiri Kato, who is the voice of Yakuji Mayui from the Monogatari series, Kagami from Lucky Star, or Popko from Poputepipikku.

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Becky’s Family Origins

Who is Becky Blackbell?

Attending Eden College, Becky’s family background is not simple. She is the eldest daughter of the CEO of Black Bell Heavy Industries and has a very “prominent” position in the field of military weapons production. We never meet Becky’s parents during the main storyline, but they seem to be there from the opening photo. They also often gave Becky expensive gifts to spoil her.

With that background…you can understand why no one dared to comment when Becky was protecting Anya.

Becky, who was born as a tycoon, is studying in Class 3 of Eden Academy in Cecil’s House. Due to some “misunderstandings”, Becky and Anya have become good friends and are often the one who helps Anya solve problems.

Becky’s character

spy x family

Most of the time, Becky doesn’t show up with her family. She appears as an independent, confident character who always knows how to entertain herself. Her personality is revealed very clearly through the cover art of the Spy X Family comic volume 9, where she appears alongside the Coconut Chair. To see why Becky is on the cover of that chair, you can see the explanation in Lag’s article below.

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In addition to the energy from positive energy, Becky is also a very kind girl. She always defends Anya when her friends are bullied. Even Damian Becky dared to open it. However, Becky never used violence to solve the problem. The girl came from a well-to-do family, but Becky never “showed off” her money, nor did she place too much importance on status and money.

Becky’s ambition

spy x family becky blackbell

At first, Becky was just a character with nothing special, just a big family, but when she saw the photo of the Fogg family, everything changed. In the 17th episode of the anime “Spy X Family”, Becky accidentally bumped into Lord’s handsome guy, intending to “take away her husband” Yoel and become Anya’s mother. What’s “terrible” here is that Becky is so serious that her active attacks don’t just stop at one episode, one chapter of a story, but also… often in events. after!

role of becky

In the near future, Becky will continue to bring smiles to audiences with Loid’s “Courtesy” show. However, when the story gradually reached its climax, many viewers believed that Betsy and her identity were of great help to Lloyd’s plan and had a great impact on the peace between East and West.

That’s all about Becky Blackbell – the character in the manga and anime Spy X Family who wants to rob Yor’s husband and become Anya’s mother. What do you think of this girl? Do you think Becky will have a big impact on the spy family story? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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