Jingeomseungbu Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Where To Watch

It’s October, and we have officially entered the fall season. These nine months passed away so quickly that we are sure even you all are surprised. But before this year ends, we are all set to take a break to binge-watch all the upcoming shows and movies without worry.

Before 2023 arrives, there’s a lot to be seen, and we come bearing good news! Another amazing South Korean TV series blesses us all fans this year. The 14-episode long series, Jingeomseungbu, is a legal drama show which will premiere this week. Its English title is Bad Prosecutor. The show is directed by Kim Seong-ho and Choi Yeon-soo. It is ready to air its first episode tonight on the 5th of October.

We are quite excited to watch the show because all the teasers and news related to the show Bad Prosecutor have intrigued us. The cast definitely looks amazing, but we are more curious if we might be getting a “workplace romance” angle in the show. Don’t blame us; we are always looking for romance, so we can only hope.

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Jingeomseungbu Cast

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Jingeomseungbu: Cast

Bad Prosecutor stars Doh Kyung-soo and Lee Se-hee in the lead roles. Doh Kyung-soo plays Jin Jung, the “bad prosecutor” in the third division of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office who stands on the side of the underprivileged while Lee Se-hee plays Shin Ah Ra, a senior prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office with perfect work skills and social skills.

Supporting actors in the show include Ha Jun as Oh Do-hwan, Lee Si-eon as Go Joong-do, Kim Tae-woo as Kim Tae-ho, Kim Sang-ho as Park Jae-Kyung, Choi Gwang-il as Lee Jang-won, Yeon Jun-Seok as Lee Chul-gi, Joo Bo-young as Baek Eun-Ji, Lee Hyo-na as Park Ye-young and Yoon Jung-seop as Investigator Park. Ha Jun’s character Oh Do-hwan is an elite and ambitious prosecutor who wants to climb to the top at any cost.

Jingeomseungbu Episode

Jingeomseungbu Episode

Jingeomseungbu: Plot

This upcoming legal drama Bad Prosecutor follows Jin Jung, a prosecutor armed with badness and worthlessness. He breaks the sanctuary created by wealth and power and punishes corrupt officials who are eating away at this society. He works as a prosecutor and a vigilante, serving justice. Jin chooses expediency over the law, trick over the standard, and defect over sincerity. He stands on the side of the weaker ones to fight against the wicked.

Jingeomseungbu Posters

Jingeomseungbu Posters

Jingeomseungbu: Posters & Teaser

In the show’s new posters, Jin Jung with an annoyed expression and a sharp glare states that he became a prosecutor because of people like us while Shin Ah Ra in her poster asks Jin Jung, how an ecosystem disturbance like him became a prosecutor. More posters related to other characters from the show have been released as well. In Oh Do Hwan’s poster, he exclaims that “give me something greater, something that suits an ace prosecutor”.

On the other hand, Lee Si Eon, who plays the role of a hacker in Bad Prosecutor, in his poster asks Prosecutor Jin how many pages are left of his servant documents. Kim Sang Ho plays Park in the show, and in his poster, he states that office matters are finished in the office, and he’s not passing his babies over to strangers.

Jingeomseungbu Promotional Poster

Jingeomseungbu Promotional Poster

In the teaser, Jin is heard saying that he has realized to catch bad guys; he has to be even more vicious and devious than these bad guys are, and later, he announces that if he says he is going to catch someone, he certainly does it because he would do anything to accomplish that. Well, to be honest, that sounds like over-confidence is his best friend but we will only learn how much weight his words hold after we get to see him in action. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait any longer to get our answers.

Jingeomseungbu Cast At Promotions

Jingeomseungbu Cast At Promotions

Jingeomseungbu Release Date

Bad Prosecutor premieres on KBS2 on 5th October 2022. It will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:50 KST. These episodes will run for one hour and ten minutes. Jingeomseungbu Episode 2 will air on 6th October 2022.

Jingeomseungbu: How to Watch

The new legal drama Bad Prosecutor is also available to stream on Viki and Netflix.

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