Fans say Japan’s World Cup win over Germany looks like anime!

With a wonderful comeback victory, many Japanese fans believe that the Japanese team has learned animation and can beat the German team in the World Cup!

Summary of World Cup Japan vs Germany

On the evening of November 23, 2022, the Japanese team within the framework of the 2022 World Cup played against the German team. In this confrontation, most viewers believed that Germany would easily beat Japan. That belief was reinforced in the 33rd minute when Germany scored their first goal thanks to an Ilkay Gundogan free-kick.

However, everything after that, for the Japanese team, is like an anime movie. With their extremely high performance, the Japanese team scored 2 goals in a row, which were amazingly comeback by Doru and Asano Takumi. In the end, Japan defeated Germany 2-1!

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Fans think that the Japanese team wins because of… the power of anime!

Japan World Cup

Immediately after the game, fans raised countless conspiracy theories about the superiority of the Japanese team. The most agreeable opinions are those players who have learned lessons from anime!

Thus, player Takuma Asano’s second goal is very similar to the blue lock in manga and anime style. Asano had a chance to pass that ball to his teammate. However, he believed in himself and believed that he had the chance to create the winning goal.

Some viewers even commented that this year’s Japanese uniform brought them +100% strength. It is reported that the Japanese team’s uniforms are inspired by the comics “Blue Lock” and “Giant Killing”.

world cup blue lock

On Blue Lock’s twitter page, a tweet congratulating the home team on the win read:

wonderful! self!

I wonder if Japanese players read manga, anime like Blue Lock or Giant Killing? To what extent do you think the “power” of anime will lead Japan to the top of the 2022 World Cup? Leave a comment so we can chat!

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