US news channel accuses Japanese manga and anime of promoting pedophilia!

It is common for Western media to attack Japanese manga and anime. Recently, an American news channel criticized Japanese manga and anime for promoting pedophilia! The newspaper’s remarks made comic fans extremely angry!

US news channel accuses Japanese manga of promoting pedophilia

Recently, the US news channel VICE News released a highly controversial video titled “The Inside Story of the Japanese Pedophile Manga Industry”. copy). The content of the video revolves around how the comics industry encourages pedophilia through journalists’ accounts.

In the 16-minute video, reporter Montgomery Hanako mentioned the influence of manga and anime on people. A lot of images are mentioned to prove that the manga and animation industry is encouraging pedophilia.

The female reporter also interviewed some viewers and listened to their opinions. Vice News also included Japan’s pedophile laws in many clips, emphasizing that many doujinshi artists knowingly commit crimes, but deliberately portray “young” images to attract readers, which violates laws and customs.

Shinji, a doujinshi writer who specializes in drawing works with pedophile elements, said he never thought that his works would harm children.

If there is evidence (cartoons promoting pedophilia) then I think they should be banned.

Next, Hanako interviews an arrested pedophile, Takashi Kato, to find out why he committed the crime. “Shinji’s work inspired pedophiles to commit sexual abuse,” Takashi said.

On the other hand, Hanako has the opportunity to interview Mimi Ogino, a manga artist and Tokyo official. Minoru was asked about Shinji’s work, and he commented that “there is nothing wrong with this work”.

Comics don’t affect everyone. First, these crimes happened regardless of whether the comics existed, and there is no evidence that these works led to the actions of criminals. When the state formulates laws, its provisions must have a scientific basis.

In general, the Vice News video is fairly focused on doujinshi artists — whose work is not censored by either party. Industry insiders also emphasized that although there are management laws, the awareness of controlling some pedophile content is not very “right”. Both manga and anime are encouraging pedophilia. .

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Community reaction when manga and anime are accused of promoting pedophilia

Japanese anime that promotes pedophilia

Looking through it without thinking, the Vice News video uses real pictures while inviting real people in the industry to share about pedophilia, which is quite real. However, Vice News’ one-sided way of conveying information and adding a title with a “whisper” meaning made Japanese animation fans unable to help but speak out.

The video grossly distorts the legal situation in the United States and Japan. In addition, many places are also difficult to understand. Why is manga described as “animation”?

Typical vice media, when criticized, they’re like “we’re just a blogger”. ridiculous.

what is this? Discriminate against the Japanese? Hate speech? Cultural insult? I need an explanation.

They block comments and prevent Japanese people from seeing videos of them “blaming” the Japanese manga industry. I hate to say it, but I feel like the Japanese are trapped in a cage.

Legal loopholes are not uncommon. The story is much more complex than what is shown in the video and could be “triggered” if told superficially.

This video is like: No proof, but I think it leads to pedophilia, so you guys should ban it.

anime manga

Many viewers also testified that Vice News is an unreliable channel that often creates controversial content to attract viewers. Currently, the video “Inside the Japanese Pedophile Manga Industry” has been locked in the comment area, and no one is allowed to express their opinions.

As for you, what do you think? Does the Japanese manga and anime industry encourage pedophilia? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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