10 Most Popular Anime Pink Haired Female Characters in Japan – TOP 1 So Weird!

Here is a list of the TOP 10 most popular female anime characters based on Japanese audience votes. You will be amazed at the TOP 1 position!

Goo Ranking is a website that specializes in creating voting boards with various themes, including manga and anime. With high-quality topics, Goo Ranking’s votes always attract a large number of Japanese users to participate, and the rankings announced are always very accurate.

Recently, Goo Ranking announced the list of the top 10 most popular pink-haired female anime characters. I believe you will never guess who TOP 1 is!

1. Milfeulle Sakuraba – Galactic Angel

Do you know who this is? Plurals answer “no”. This is also understandable, since Milfeulle is the protagonist of Galaxy Angel, the first part of this animation came out in 2000. The anime was very successful in Japan, and there were more sequels, but they weren’t. Not very well known in foreign markets, so even though it is popular in Japan, Galaxy Angel is relatively unknown to Vietnamese audiences.

2. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière – The Familiar of Zero

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière - The Familiar of Zero

It seems that petite girls are the taste of Japanese fans, so TOP 2 is still loli girls. Louise is the protagonist of the anime “Zero no Yuma” released in 2006. Similar to “Galaxy Angel”, the film also has many different parts and is very popular in the domestic market.

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3. Nakano Nino – Gotoubun No Hanayome

Nakano Nino - Goto Point's Flower Marriage

TOP 3 is the second sister of the Nakano family – Nino. Although he is not the lucky one who walks in Fuutarou’s heart, Nino has already conquered the audience, right?

4. Haruno Sakura – Naruto

Haruno Sakura - Naruto

Speaking of pink hair, how could Sakura be indispensable. Despite being the target of many audience attacks, Sakura still has very loyal fans and love for her.

5. Nakano Ichika – Gotoubun No Hanayome

Nakano Ichika - Gotoubun No Hanayome

Occupying the TOP 5 spot in the list of most popular pink-haired female anime characters is Ichika – the eldest sister of the Nakano family. Well, Lag thinks that if the Nakano 5 sisters all had pink hair, they might all be on this list.

6. Takara Miyuki – Lucky Star

Baomei Xue - Lucky Star

In sixth place is Miyuki, Lucky Star’s adorable pink-haired chibi waifu. Pretty little girls are very popular in Japan, aren’t they?

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7. Minato Tomoka – Ro-Kyu-Bu

Minato Tomoka- Dew bow department

Ro-Kyu-Bu is an anime that isn’t very popular in Vietnam, so Tomoka is a girl… strange to us. The highlight of this girl is her petite figure, big round eyes and prominent pink hair.

8. Tsukino Chibiusa – Sailor Moon

Tsukino Chibiusa - Sailor Moon

Yes, half of this list is loli girls. Although it is only ranked 8th, Chibiusa has already shown that there are still many fans of Sailor Moon.

9. Triangular Pillar of Ganlu Temple- Demon Slayer Blade

Demon Slayer Blade - Demon Slayer Blade

TOP 9 is a very popular character in our country, that is the girl Luyen Tru MItsuri. Charming, beautiful, and strong, Millie is clearly the ideal “Jane” girl. Unfortunately, she still doesn’t have enough appeal to beat the names above.

10. Fujiwara Chika- Kaguya Hime: Love is War

Chika Fujiwara- Kaguya-sama: Love is War

At the bottom of the table is Qianjia, the god of war who confessed to war. Qian Ge is also very famous in the world, but she is only ranked tenth in the Cuckoo ranking list.

The above is the TOP 10 ranking of the most popular anime pink female characters in Japan. Of course, this list cannot be completely accurate. Please leave your comments, and we will rank and exchange together!

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