Spoiler for Black Clover 341: Ami is Itage?

Spoiler for Black Clover 341, Synopsis 340: Ichika reveals Yami’s past – turns out he’s Hino’s “Itachi”?

Black Clover 340 Summary

Under Long Dao’s guidance, Ashtar was able to use “air” to destroy bamboo bushes from a distance. Watching him get ready for a new practice, Ryudo asks Ashtar to practice duel with Ichika.

Ashtar immediately activated his power and wrapped himself in anti-magic. Ichka is not surprised. She rushed up and let Ashtar know about Hino!

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Spoiler Black Clover 341

Black Clover 341

Heading to Chapter 341, Ashtar is training with the other three members of the Seven Dragons. They included a girl from Kuno City with drenched skin, a tall man with a mask, and a big man with a rosary. The trio will of course fight Ashtar face down. However, they think Ashtar has a lot of potential. If you keep working hard, you will surely do miracles.

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In a later event, we learned that Ichika was 24 years old. She tells Ashtar about Hino and how Clairvoyant helped create the current government. According to the description, this eye can see all the events that are taking place.

Ashtar then mentioned Ami. Ika was a little annoyed. She said Yami was the worst. He was the one who killed their entire clan!

In the final pages of the story, Ichika’s past begins.

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Black Clover 341 Release Date

Chapter 341 of Black Clover is expected to be released on October 17th. Spoilers will be updated by Lag.vn in this article now, so save or bookmark the article to be updated with new information soon.

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