Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 394: Murder Keeps Happening – Over a dozen new characters introduced

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 394, Synopsis 393: The killings keep happening.A slew of new characters have been introduced, some of which appear to be related to the Fourth Prince Tserriednich

Hunter X Hunter 393 Introduction

The weirdo that appeared in the last chapter was Luni. He appeared before the spider and was invited to rule the world together. Nobunaga saw that this guy was talking nonsense, so he stringed him up. Holding Rooney’s head, Nobunaga announces that they will destroy Heil-ly.

At the cinema, Xinrui finds Hisoka. He had Hisoka move to the first floor until Heil-ly and Cha-R’s family affairs were over. Hisoka tentatively agreed…but who knows what the clown will do next.

In the final stage, Hinrigh goes to room 3101 to find a stranger.

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Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 394

hunter x hunter 394

Seeing that the old man repeatedly invited him into the room to speak, Xinrui began to doubt. He threw a knife at the old man, only to find out that he was just a man who recited sutras. In another development, the characters introduced in Chapter 393 are “hunted” to increase their rank. A bunch of new characters have also been introduced.

Hinrigh went back to the camera cat to observe what was going on in the hall. Due to the chaos, the army began to become more active. At this time, several new characters were introduced. According to the leaked information, these people seem to be related to the fourth prince Tseridnic.

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter will be updated soon.

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Hunter X Hunter Release Time 394

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 394 is scheduled for release on November 14th. Spoilers will be updated in this article by Lag.vn right away, so save or bookmark the article to be updated with new information as soon as possible. .

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