Chainsaw Man: 10 Interesting Facts About Power You Might Not Know!

With a bad heart and… many other good qualities, Power is one of Chainsaw’s most beloved female characters. Here are 10 interesting facts about Power that very few people know. Come on, let’s see.

Strength is one of the most important characters in the part 1 comic chainsaw man. She is Denji and Aki’s teammate, and the “mighty” Gorefiend. In The Chainsaw Man, power always ranks first among the audience’s favorite characters. However, not everyone knows the following TOP 10 facts about Power.

1. Power is… a corpse?

Powers are introduced as demons – demons. In the world of the Chainsaw Man, a demon is a type of demon that takes over human corpses to function. Therefore, it is understandable that Power’s body belongs to some dead girl.

2. Power will change when too much health is consumed

The power of strength lies in blood. When she absorbs too much health, she transforms to show her powers. For ease of control, power must be drained periodically.

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3. The origin of Power’s crazy personality

The power of the chainsaw man

In a 2020-2021 interview, author Fujimoto said he created Power’s personality by combining Eric Cartman from the South Park series and Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski. No wonder she is really young.

Fact: Big Lebowski is one of the movies that is featured in the Animated Chainsaw Man OP.

4. Thrones is the most popular character Chainsawman

Although not the protagonist of this work, but in the first popularity vote of Chainsaw Man in Japan, Ball has become the most popular character very well. Powell won by a landslide with 35,268 votes. Makima far surpassed TOP 2 with 27,224 votes. Unfortunately, in the second round of voting, she fell to TOP 3.

5. The name Power was inspired by Christianity

The power of the chainsaw man

Power is one of the few characters with an English name. According to analysis, her name appears to have been inspired by Potestates, the second-ranked angel in Christianity.

6. Denji is the only person Power has signed with

Demons can fight on their own, so they don’t usually make contracts. However, out of necessity, Power signed a special contract with Denji. Also, for those who haven’t read the manga, there will be a lot of spoilers, so if you’re curious what the contract is, find out for yourself.

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7. Power’s chest pads are more popular than you might think!

The truth about the Chainsaw Man

Going back to the second round of voting for the most popular celebrity character, Chainsawman, Power’s “Breast Pad” came in at #25 — a really high ranking for a project like this.

8. Power often acts like a cat

Ball did say that he prefers cats to humans. She also often has a “puffy” cat look. I don’t know if it’s because I learned from my wife?

9. Dirty power supply

The truth about the Chainsaw Man

Contrary to his decent appearance, Power is very dirty. She never flushed the toilet. Showers are also just done lazily by Power, once a week. Interestingly, she became Denji’s first bather.

10. Power is nicknamed the President!

In Chapter 16, Ball said her goal was to become president, and she would raise the sales tax to 100 percent. It’s just a fun detail, but fans love it – hence the power’s nickname “President” was born.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the power of the Chainsawman. How do you view these facts? Does the lag miss anything else? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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