Re:Zero: The author intended Emilia to ‘shut down’ Subaru many times

According to the latest revelations, the author of Re:Zero once intended for waifu Emilia to send Subaru off – not just once, but many times. This fact makes fans shocked!

Re: What is Zero?

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Re:Zero -Starting Life In Another World- is a light novel by Nagatsuki Tappei, released in January 2014. The work belongs to the isekai genre, time travel combined with action. . Up to now, the work has continued to be released with a positive reception from the audience.

In 2016, Re:Zero was adapted into an anime by White Fox. Thanks to the inherently attractive storyline and well-invested visuals and sound, Re:Zero has become more and more popular. Up to now, the Re:Zero anime is still one of the highest rated isekai anime with an extremely large audience.

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The author of Re:Zero once intended Emilia to ‘shut down’ Subaru

It sounds a bit crazy, but this is really what author Nagatsuki Tappei once shared. Around 2014, Nagatsuki sensei shared that he had several attempts to let Emilia kill Subaru. According to him, this is an interesting addition to the story and also makes sense because “Subaru killed Emilia too”.

re:zero emilia kill subaru

At the time the author shared the above information, Re:Zero had just been released, so the reaction could be said to be not very intense. However, when it was aroused by a user named Stride Vollachia. Immediately, a series of “interesting” comments were made!

Don’t, Emilia, if it’s so dark, then what’s the point!

Hey, I think I want that too.

Did you think you killed it?

After killing Subaru, did he fall in love with Rem Khum?

Re:Zero emilia

The above share is a bit old, but it is still something quite interesting for fans of Re:Zero. Around April 2022, author Nagatsuki said that this tacsphaamr will definitely have a happy ending. Well, does it sound believable? Will Subaru marry Rem or will he marry Emilia? Well, let’s wait and see the final episode of Re:Zero!

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