Review of Makoto Shinkai’s anime film Haruto Suzuno: Touching, inspiring, and outrageously beautiful!

On November 11, 2022, the new animation “Suzuki’s Time” directed by Makoto Shinkai will officially premiere in Japan. Initial audiences for the film gave overwhelmingly positive reviews, indicating that it will continue to be a “super product” for Sorrow.

What is Suzume No Tojimari?

Suzume No Tojimari is the latest anime film from director Makoto Shinkai. Produced by CoMix Wave Films, the team is very familiar with Your Name fan Tenki No Ko or 5cm/s, including:

  • Character Designer: Masayoshi Tanaka.
  • Animation: Kenichi Tsuchiya.
  • Art Director: Tanji Takumi.
  • Music: Kazuma Jinuchi, RADWIMPS.

The plot of Suzume No Tojimari

Suzume No Tojimari stars Suzume, a 17-year-old schoolgirl living in a quiet town in Kyushu. One day, she meets a strange man who is looking for the “door”. Suzume accompanied him and found an old door. She reached over to open it…then the events unfolded. With this strange creature – now turned into a chair – Suzume sets off across Japan to close the gates of disaster!

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Japanese audience’s evaluation of Suzuki no Fuji

On November 11, 2022, Suzume No Tojimari officially opens in Japanese cinemas. With the “prestige” of director Makoto Shinkai, the film immediately attracted a large number of audiences on its first day of release. After watching the movie, they shared their feelings about Suzume Fujishima on Twitter.

Fujimaru of cool eyes

Most people think that the vine of cool eyes is the masterpiece of the Witch of Sorrows. The audiovisual parts of the film are still impressive – some scenes even show the superiority of Weathering With You or Your Name.

The content of the film was also highly regarded. Many people believe that this movie combines the love and “relationship” between men and women with great delicacy in a fascinating plot, full of surprises. Japan-related elements are also subtly incorporated, both showing the audience the beauty of the country and driving the story forward.

Suzume No Tojimari’s music once again “crazy” the audience. At 115 minutes, the music incorporated into the film is subtly crafted to bring the audience’s emotions to a crescendo in both dramatic and emotional scenes. Many viewers admitted that they cried while watching the movie.

Comments about Suzume No Tojimari

Fact: There are a lot of Vietnamese involved in the production of Suzume No Tojimari. You can see it in the image above.

This is the first time I cried so hard in a movie theater.

That’s great, don’t waste your time waiting.

I didn’t think Suzume No Tojimari OST would be this hard.

Another masterpiece by Makoto Shinkai. Tomorrow I will go to the IMAX format again.

The movie is set in a similar setting to where I live, so almost everyone in the theater was in awe as they saw familiar scenes.

The movie was really good, it was a surprise. This movie totally exceeded all my expectations.

I see Suzume No Tojimari doing better than your name and Tenki No Ko.

Suzume No Tojimari Vietnam premiere time

Showtimes Suzume No Tojimari

As of now, there is no official information on the date and time of the premiere of “Vine of Suzuki” in Vietnamese cinemas. However, according to the animation film’s plan to enter the international market, Vietnamese audiences are very likely to enjoy Xin Haicheng’s new work in December 2022 or early 2024 at the latest.

Shinkai Makoto’s Suzume No Tojimari will premiere in Vietnam before 2023!

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