One Piece: 3 Mysterious Characters With World-Class Influence But Not Yet Revealed

One Piece has entered the final saga and is about to end. However, there are still many mysterious characters that have not been revealed. Who are they and what is their role? Let’s take a look at Lag.

So far, One Piece has over 1100 different characters. Among them, some characters play extremely special roles that can have a strong impact on the entire world. However, not all characters have appeared. The more mysterious and important the character, the more Oda-sensei can hide his identity.In this article, we’re going to list together 3 of the most mysterious characters who haven’t appeared in One Piece

grown ups

While holding the reverie conference, Mr. Lin officially “made his debut” in One Piece. While not yet revealed, the role has many unsolved mysteries. It was revealed to us from the beginning that the world government has no head and that power is equally distributed. However, my lord is the one who sits on the throne of the world. The five elders also showed great respect for Lord Lin, so we can be sure that this is the “king” of the world government – in other words, the nameless king.

In One Piece 1060, the lord I drew out an island – and soon after, the entire island was completely destroyed. This detail seems to tell us that my lord is a user of the ancient weapon Uranus, willing to do anything to protect the current institution. Rag is sure that when my lord is revealed, many of One Piece’s other secrets will be revealed as well.

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joy boy

joy boy

Joy Boy is a mysterious man who lives in the Void Century. Through Poneglyphs, Joy Boy seems to have had a huge impact on global history. He is also related to the One Piece treasure, and is most likely the former owner of Nika’s Devil Fruit. When the Joy Boy came out, 100% of us would hear the Drum Century story. All the secrets of One Piece will be unlocked. One Piece is also coming to an end, so that day probably won’t be too far away.

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Vega Punk

joy boy

In fact, One Piece 1061 has a beautiful girl who calls herself Vegapunk. However, due to the character’s robot-like physique—plus her appearance without the intro boxes of other characters, 99% of readers didn’t believe this was the real Vegapunk.

Among these predictions, the other girl is a cyborg — the widely accepted theory of an artificial human being created by Vegapunk. There’s a good chance that Vegapunk can be made somewhere but can’t go out, so he created the girl “Vegapunk 02” to “play a life simulator”. At the end of this year or 2023, we will definitely “see” Vegapunk for what it is. What would this scientist look like? Let’s wait and see.

The above are 3 mysterious characters who have affected the entire world but have not yet appeared in One Piece. Which character are you most curious about and would like to meet the most? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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