Spoiler for Anime Chainsawman Episode 6: Aki’s Past – Denji VS Infinite Demon!

Spoiler details for episode 6 and new episodes of the anime Chainsaw Man: Trapped in a space loop, Himeno begins to talk about Aki’s past. Immediately afterwards, the demon hiding in the apartment came out and wanted to eat Dengji’s meat!

Chainsaw Man Animation Summary Chapter 5

At the beginning of Episode 5, Denji passionately fondles Power’s breasts…then realizes he’s only touching breast implants. Disappointed at the true size of the Power, Denji…touches it…and gets confused all night like a lunatic.

The next day, Chuanji went to the office to work with Wrangler. Realizing that the boy was in trouble, Maki immediately rewarded him, letting Denji touch his chest. Makima’s breasts are of better quality than Power’s, so Denji is in high spirits. Taking advantage of the good mood, Mujian immediately put forward a suggestion:

If you help me kill the gunman, I will grant your wish.

Makima then gives Denji a piece of Gun Demon’s “meat”. The more shards are collected, the more those shards will lead the Demon Hunter towards the subject.

The likes of Denji, Aki, Power, and Himeno team up to defeat the demons lurking in the abandoned apartment building. Dengji asks for a reward. Himeno quickly makes an offer that if he kills the demon, she will French kiss him. Although initially intended to refuse because of his loyalty to Maki, he gave up when he heard the part where he was “cooking tongue porridge”.

In the final stages, Denji’s group finds the demon – but that’s not the main goal. The group continued to search, only to find that they had fallen into a trap – or more accurately, the devil’s trap!

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Spoiler Anime Chainsaw Man Episode 6

Chainsaw Man Chapter 6

In the part where Makima tells the story of the Gun Demon, we see the story of a boy and his family. That’s Archie. He used to live a happy life, but then because of the attack of the gun demon, everything disappeared in front of Aki’s eyes.

In the finale section, we have some hints about the demons that the Denji team will have to face. The beginning is also the end – this is the Infinite Demon. If not identified and destroyed, the Denji group will be trapped forever in the 8th layer of space (the number 8 is the symbol of infinity, infinite when rotated 90 degrees).

There was no way out, and everyone was worried—especially the shy little girl Cobini. Danji doesn’t know what to worry about, so he goes to bed. In her search for the demon, Himeno will tell us more about her first day with Aki.

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After a while, Aki discovered that the power of the slain little demon was now getting bigger and bigger. It asks to eat Denji – in exchange, the rest is released. Kobe was so frightened that he strung the electric shocks together. Aki quickly stepped forward to help. Saw a dear colleague in critical condition. Ji Ye panicked. Dengji pounces on the demon “offering”. The battle between Denji and Wujima is quite fierce. Chuanji constantly sucks blood from demons and never gets weak. The Promise Demon couldn’t bear it any longer and accepted this loss.

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Chainsaw Man anime premiere episode 6

Anime Chainsaw Man Episode 6 It will be released on the evening of November 15th. New information about Spy X Family will be updated as soon as possible.

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