SPOILER ONE PIECE FILM RED: All the most important details in the film!

After the preview, spoilers for One Piece were all over social media. If you’re ready for the plot of this anime movie, well… let’s get started!

About One Piece Movie Red

One Piece Movie Red is the latest animated film in the One Piece series. The movie is set on a musical island where Shanks’ “rumored daughter” Uta puts on a big, big live show. Fans from the island and even pirates and marines were there to hear the news.

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On July 22, One Piece movie red held its premiere in Japan. Soon, spoilers about the film appeared on social networking sites. Here’s a rundown of spoilers for One Piece movie Red from Lag – think carefully before watching!

According to the description, Uta has an ambition to create a world where everyone is happy, so she holds a live show. With her powers, Uta traps anyone who hears her songs in a dream world under Uta’s complete control. In order to escape this world, Song of the real world must sleep.

Spoiler One Piece Movie Red

what do you notice here Yes, Song is the villain of this movie.

Continue UTA’s plan. Song intends to commit suicide in order to trap everyone in a dream forever. Before committing suicide, Uta repeatedly ate a special mushroom that kept her from sleeping. However, this mushroom has a side effect, it will make Uta lose his mind and become the “enemy” of pirates and marines.

In order to escape UTA’s control, Kobe led the people to “stand up and rebel”. Thanks to Kobe, the Straw Hats were able to escape Song’s dream.

According to research, the way to break Song’s power is to defeat the monsters guarding the two worlds. The difficulty is that this monster must be defeated in both worlds at the same time.

Five elders appeared and said something about Uta. The red-haired Shanks and his party knew that the song was about to start, so they rushed to stop their daughter. At this moment, Shanks learned that the marines had sneaked into the civilian population and shot innocent people with their own hands. Song and Shanks were annoyed by this. Uta lost control. She orders the monster to “end everything”.

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Usopp awakens Observation Haki. Somehow, he got in touch with his father, thereby announcing his plan to disrupt Uta’s power.

In the next segment, the Straw Hats team up with Katakuri, Law and others to fight against the monsters. They took it down, but it seemed too late. Uta is dying!

Shanks approached and tried to drug her daughter to sleep. This part seems like Uta realizes her mistake, so she tries to free everyone even though she might lose her life.

The Marines approach Uta and intend to kill her. Shanks uses Conqueror Haki to easily knock down anyone who dares to get close. Huang Yuan was quite surprised. He said the navy should retreat because the war is hurting civilians.

At the end of the war, Shanks and his crew took Song with them. The Straw Hats later awoke on the Thousand Suns. Looks like Luffy didn’t meet Shanks.

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Some other One Piece movie red spoiler info

One piece movie red song

Song doesn’t seem to be Shanks’ biological son. The villages that were burned down in the past seemed to be caused by Ge.

Luffy Gears 5 does appear but in less detail. Perhaps this form of appearance will be clearer in One Piece animation.

Unorthodox film. However, Roger found Shanks when he was a child, which is very likely to be true!

The music is very very good. It gives the One Piece movie red a different charm than the old One Piece movies.

The above is the spoiler information for One Piece movie red. What do you think of the title of the movie? Are you going to see this movie when it is released in Vietnam? Leave a comment so we can chat!

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