“Why is there so much negativity in Genshin Impact’s fan base?” (P1)

A Reddit user posed the question after noticing too much toxicity in the Mihoyo game’s community.

Recently, a user Reddit named busy Asked a question on the forum about “Why are Genshin Impact fans so negative?” Immediately, the post aroused widespread discussion and attention among users on the platform. The post details are as follows:

“I don’t understand why people are so angry and negative about everything. It’s like you can’t get rid of it. It happens if someone uploads a photo of a character they’ve built. There’s a bunch of rude people commenting on how trashy a new character is, The first thing I saw when I opened the introductory video were dozens of comments like “Why is there one worst character, Genshin Impact. “As soon as you name your favorite character, someone immediately sends you a booklet about why that character’s skills are no different. Haha.

I mean, I know the bigger the community, the more chaotic it is, but I’ve worked with a larger fan base before, and the Genshin Impact fan base is still more negative than many others. Genshin is just a lighthearted game, but it gets really weird because it attracts so many negative elements. “

Below the post, a person named mr spaceman stuff Answers this question with some very interesting points. Details are as follows:

“It’s actually pretty remarkable. I agree that negativity is more prevalent in Genshin Impact than in other fandoms of the same size. I believe there are many reasons, and they all happen at the same time.

discussion platform: Genshin Impact was successful when TikTok and Twitter had huge user bases. Both platforms have something called a “snowball mechanic”. Reddit has it too, but not as badly as the other two platforms. The “snowball mechanism” can easily make false opinions more visible. Also, “naive skepticism” will emerge. It is common for players to believe that any actions by publishers have nefarious purposes or general incompetence. No matter what happens above, negative thoughts are accepted and they follow.

Chinese company: The language barrier is a common suspicion of the Chinese government, and government agencies are also a big problem when it comes to understanding exactly what Mihoyo is, what it does, and why.

Gacha system: In a world where we’ve started condemning looting, the gacha system has been surprisingly successful in the West, with fans unfamiliar with the method, leading to love-relationship-hate.

new genre: While the concept of an RPG isn’t unique, it’s certainly not as popular in many markets as MOBA or MMORPG games. Because of this, people have a lot of false expectations. They like other aspects of the game, but also want things that were never added to the game. It also created a love-hate relationship again. In addition, they also brought their own logic from other games into Genshin Impact, which caused a lot of unnecessary confusion about the problems that existed in the game.

Shipping and Canon: Media platforms are increasingly adding in-game couples. With the snowball effect, it becomes a much bigger problem than it used to be. This becomes even more serious given Mihoyo’s history of making games. So far, the same has happened with the Aether and Lumine canons.

Are Genshin fans so negative?  3

The friendliness of the host: Mihoyo will release game content in batches. While this system will make it easier to breathe, the player will also be more relaxed. However, the company’s focus on storytelling rather than combat means that combat content doesn’t stretch all the way, meaning streamers are already building their own channels around content, and combat content lacks content. This creates a negative mindset for them and pulls other players into the same mindset.

drama: Since the rise of the concept of drama farms as a content channel, coinciding with the great success of Genshin Impact, many content creators have drawn other players into the same psychological mindset as them.

crash mania: Some players of Mihoyo’s older games feel compelled to hate Genshin because they feel insecure about its success.

Ben Hai denialism: Some Genshin Impact players refuse to accept the fact that Genshin Impact is part of the Mihoyo franchise and thus adopt a mindset to counter the connection between these games. As the game’s lore expands and becomes more connected, they are hostile to Genshin Impact and their creators because they have “no nature”, which happens when they don’t like the fact that Genshin Impact is just another character a situation.

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wrong expectations: In addition to the skills of the characters, there are also legends and stories of those characters. People come to Genshin expecting something and feel betrayed when they get something different from what they expected. This is especially true for plots with characters Raiden Shogun or The Flash.

localization: While the Genshin Impact community is above average localized, there are still some major issues. The biggest is probably the way it makes some of the characters in the game victimized and hated. One such example was Paimon, who was met with great hostility. This will of course cause a wave of controversy, and localization of your game can easily have a negative impact.

To be continued…
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