TOP 5 Good Manga You Should Watch Immediately After Tokyo Revergers Ends

The Tokyo Revergers manga will end in mid-November 2022. If you’re still addicted to the school gang genre, it’s time to plow down the TOP 5 below!

On November 16, 2022, “Tokyo Avengers 278” is about to be released, officially ending the “visiting thousand” journey of Juvenile Budo, and the story that readers around the world have been pursuing for many years.

So that you don’t feel empty after the end of Tokyo Avengers, here are the TOP 5 best manga or school gangster genres. There are stories like Tokyo Revergers.

1. Nine Peaks – Nine Peaks

“Nine Peaks” is the latest work of Tetsuhiro Hirakawa – the cartoonist of the “boss” of the campus gang who once charged with the clover and the crow. In this new work, we will meet Gaku. One day, after learning that his father was once a notorious thug, Gaku suddenly travels back in time 22 years ago – when his father was the same age as him. With life flowing, Gaku embarks on a dishonest past!

Based on the concept of school gang crossing similar to the Tokyo Avengers, the battle scenes are eye-catching and realistic, “Nine Peaks” will definitely satisfy you. The story just came out, so now you can still “swing” in time.

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2. Beelzebub


To mention school gangs and forget about Beelzebub is an omission. Reluctantly becoming the adoptive father of the Demon King’s son, will bad Oga cultivate his character to be a good father? No, you’re still a good dad, but you can’t give up the fight!

Combining elements of reality and fantasy, the battle between Beelzebub Middle School students is sure to leave you wowed and…laughing out loud. Despite the controversial ending, overall Beelzebub was pretty good. If you haven’t seen it, you should read it now.

3. Windbreaker


Launching in early 2021, Wind Breaker stars Sakura, a “young buffalo” with a passion for fighting the strong. After transferring to Fenglin Academy, Sakura learns that the school full of villains is using their power to protect the town from darkness. Will you join in and be everyone’s hero? Well, it’s not fun to say, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out.

4. Rokudenashi Blues

Hexapod Blues

Having said a lot of new stories, now let’s introduce a classic work of the campus gangster genre. “Six Electric Blues”, which was released from 1988 to 1997, is a top-level work that accurately conveys the style of Japanese villains in the 20th century. Goofy, hilarious, violent, and yet charming, six-electric blues sets your heart on fire with every page, despite its age!

Top 5 best-selling gangster manga of all time!

5. Round


Closing this list would be the job of Ichikawa Masa – A-bout. The plot of this comic is simple: a “young man” wants to compete with a stronger city, everyone. The content is simple, but the development of A-bout is attractive due to the clever combination of comedy elements and combat elements. A-bout the backstory too, so when you finish the first part, read them too, they are all fun.

Above are TOP 5 good manga like Tokyo Revergers. Hopefully with this list, you’ll enjoy hours of quality entertainment.

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