Isekai Anime Illusion Can Be Considered A Mental Illness

In the most recent series of studies, the delusion of Anime can also be considered a dangerous mental illness, affecting people’s lives.

In a latest article from the newspaper Observer of England published an interview with a man named Kayla. It is known that this Kayla guy often has delusional behaviors that he is traveling, transmigrating to another world.

At this interview, he also answered some questions from reporters, along with a sharing that: “I have a dream that describes the 79 years of the main character’s life, knowing the details of where the story takes place and being able to go anywhere I want.”

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Kayla was not the only one interviewed, as another character appeared named Karina Lopez. Accordingly, he also had similar behaviors with Kayla when he had “dreams” of traveling to other dimensions. One thing they have in common is that they both watch a lot of products Anime Isekai during leisure time on popular movie viewing platforms like Netflix,…

Isekai Anime Illusion Can Be Considered A Mental Illness

This story quickly caught the attention of psychologists, who are trying to conduct surveys on the number of people who have a similar condition. In addition, psychologists also make announcements to remind people of the unforeseen harm that the Anime can cause, with symptoms including procrastination and distraction in a person.

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Even this syndrome can make sufferers be prevented from connecting with society, neglecting their own health care, leading to disordered eating.

Studies have also shown that one in 40 people will have problems similar to the way Kalya and Karina have. If surveys don’t go well, it’s very likely that these behaviors will be considered a type of mental illness.