Spoiler for Black Clover 342: Yemei is the Murderer – Ashtar joins the battle with Ichika!

Spoiler for Black Clover 342, Summary 341: Captain Ami’s past is revealed. For some reason, he abandoned a fragrance! Not believing that his leader is such a bad person, Ashtar decided to fight Ichika to the death!

Black Clover 341 Summary

With the help of the seven dragons, Ashtar made remarkable progress. Even so, he was bouncing up and down the court and needed a lot of extra work to get the necessary power.

During the conversation with Ichika, Ashtar mentioned Captain Nightcap. Ichika was a little annoyed, because Ye Mei was the one who killed her whole family!

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Spoiler for Black Clover 341: Ami is Itage?

Spoiler Black Clover 342

Black Clover 342

Moving on to episode 342, we hear Ichika speak more clearly about the identity of Captain Yami Sukehiro. The Amis are descendants of the famous Assassin organization “Ghosts”. The Ami family used to be the guardians of the Hino area owned by the Ryudo family. This may be the reason why Long Dao seems to know Ye Mei so well.

Legend has it that in this land of the sun, once lived a violent five-headed dragon. Fortunately for the people, a fairy calmed it down. Spoilers don’t really detail this information, so we may have to wait for the official story chapter.

Not to mention Ami’s family. Ichika and Sukehiro’s father is an alcoholic. He had beaten Ichika once because she, like her late mother, “died after giving birth to a daughter, this family doesn’t need someone who can’t fight”. Sukehiro protects his younger brother from his father.

In another scene, a young Ryudo shows up and says he wants to see a world where everyone can laugh. Sukehiro agrees with this…

But then he killed 13 members of the clan. He left us and ran to new land.

Of course Asta didn’t believe it. He said that if necessary, he would fight Ichika to preserve the captain’s honor. Ichika took out the scroll and said she didn’t care if Ashtar died.

Black Clover 342 spoilers pause here. New details will be updated as soon as possible.

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Black Clover Release Time 342

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