Pretending to be ‘Hulk Avengers’, the scammer ‘scammed’ Japanese mangaka 12 billion VND!

Pretending to be a famous Hollywood actor who played Hulk in the MCU’s Avengers, a scammer has scammed $ 500,000 – nearly 12 billion VND from a Japanese mangaka. How true is the story, let’s see Lag!

What is Scammers?

Scammer is a term used to refer to those who perform fraudulent acts on the internet. Scammers have many different ways of scamming with the goal of which can be user information, social network accounts or personal property. Nowadays, scammers appear more and more. The tricks they use are also more subtle.

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Scammer pretending to be Hulk Avengers tricked Japanese mangaka 12 billion VND!

Scammer cheats mangaka 12 billion

Recently, a “hit” scammer was announced by female mangaka from Japan – Mrs. Ide Chikae. For those who do not know, this is a Japanese manga author specializing in the creation of works of the shoujo genre. She is also the mother of Kayono, a mangaka who has written many works – many of which have been accused of “plagiarism”.

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According to published information, Mrs. Ide is 74 years old this year. Because “my last marriage was an abuse”, Mrs. Ide was always trying to find a man she could spend the rest of her life with. One day, she meets a mysterious guy. According to the recorded video, this person used Deepfake technology to turn his face into Mark Ruffalo to chat with Mrs. Ide.

Scammer pretending to be mark ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is a famous actor in Hollywood. He is the one who plays Hulk – The Green Giant of the MCU cinematic universe. It is not clear if Mrs. Ide knew this, but the sweet words, caressing the spirit of the scammer with the face of a famous actor made her fall in love.

The rain soaked for a long time, the relationship between Mrs. Ide and the “Green Giant” became stronger and stronger. One day, the other proposed to perform an “informal wedding” to Mrs. Ide. Initially, he asked her to give 1100 dollars to do the procedures and then continue to “faucet money” in the later time. After 3.5 years, the amount of fraud has reached 75 million yen – about more than 500,000 USD and equivalent to 12.24 billion VND!

mangaka got scammed 12 billion

Finding out that their mother was spending too much money on a “shady affair”, Mrs. Ide’s children advised their mother to cut them off. The police then quickly stepped in to investigate, but the scammer had disappeared. To this day, his identity has not been discovered. Mrs. Ide’s money also has no way back.

It was a stupid experience. I hope people take that as a lesson. I apologize to friends and acquaintances who lent me money while I refused to listen to them. I swear I’ll keep drawing manga until I die to pay them back.

The status of online scammers is currently very alarming. To protect yourself, Lag advises you to be very careful with shady objects and unclear transactions. Don’t lose money because of a moment of indifference!

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