The story of Eimi Fukada holding a fan meeting in Vietnam is actually just fake news

Recently, the Vietnamese Internet couldn’t help hyping the news that Hidemi Fukada held a fan meeting in Hanoi, but after investigation, the news was found to be false.

Lately, the Vietnamese community has been whispering about the actress Fukada Hidemi visited once Vietnam, had an interesting experience in this S-shaped country. She also posted many photos of herself enjoying Vietnamese specialties such as Baocha and spring rolls, and visiting famous landmarks in the capital such as Jianhu.

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Also, the community got really excited about a rumored Anglo-American A “fan meeting” will be held in Hanoi where fans can take photos with their idols. However, the good times didn’t last long, and it was reported that the news of the “fan meeting” was fake.

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According to this, many “cyber detectives” discovered that a fan page with a lot of interaction in the Vietnamese community named Eimi Fukada was actually just a fake page. The reason is that this site has been around since 2013, but at this time Eimi hadn’t really entered the adult film industry.

The story of Eimi Fukada holding a fan meeting in Vietnam is actually just fake news

Not only that, it was also discovered that the person who managed this page was confirmed to be Vietnamese, while Fukada Hidemi was Japanese. This is also one of the ways to “interact” with many bad guys, at the time Eimi is currently only active on 3 social media sites including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.