Hokkaido girl is super cute ecchi rom-com manga gets anime adaptation!

The protagonist is a charming three-wheeled cow with a cute personality. “Hokkaido Girl Super Cute” is an anime not to be missed in 2023. The details of this work are as follows!

What are Hokkaido girls super cute?

Dosanko Gal Wa Namara Menkoi or Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable is an ecchi rom-com manga written by Kai Ikada. The manga debuted in September 2019 and is currently serialized on Shonen Jump+.

The protagonist of “Hokkaido Girl Super Cute” is a young boy who just moved to Hokkaido from Tokyo. There, he meets Minami, a tall, beautiful, lovely, and charming gyuru with three impressive rings. Speaking of which, do you think the story will go in the direction of “prostitution”? Do not. Hokkaido Gals are Super Adorable very pure and warm.

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The manga Hokkaido girl is super cute anime adaptation

Hokkaido girls are super cute

According to the latest news, Ikeda Kai’s “Hokkaido Girl Super Cute” manga will be adapted into an anime. The protagonist Nan Fuyuki will be voiced by the voice actress Ayayin, the female voice actress in My Hero Academia will be the voice of Ochako, the voice of Yotsuba in Wuye Wenhua’s wedding, and Gabi in Attack on Titan…

For now, details about the film studio have not been announced. However, during the Jump Festa 2023 event from December 17-18, 2022, the Jump Studio NEO area offers super cute Hokkaido girls, so we will likely learn more new information at this event.

According to many sources, Hokkaido Girls Super Cute is just one of many Shueisha manga that will be adapted into anime in the near future. Not long ago, the manga Undead Unluck also announced an adaptation. Many people believe that during the Jump Festa event, several popular works such as Dandadan will also announce the anime version.

Hokkaido girl super cute anime premiere time

According to the current information, “Hokkaido Girl Super Cute” will be broadcast in 2023. Lag predicts it will air around the end of the year, when there will be enough production time and the weather will be “better” for the temperature job. More details about the super cute Hokkaido girls will be announced in the future. If you like it, please pay more attention!

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