Hitman Reborn’s new manga gets an anime adaptation!

After the governess Hitman Reborn, Akira Amano’s manga Ron Kamonhashi – Deranged Detective was announced to be getting an anime adaptation. Movie details and broadcast times are below.

What is Ron Kamonhashi?

Ron Kamonhashi – Kamonhashi Ron No Kindan Suiri is the author of Akira Amano’s latest manga – The Homeschool Hitman Reborn. The manga will be released on Shonen Jump+ in October 2020. At present, the work is still being screened regularly and has been well received by the audience.

Ron Kamonhashi introduced me to Ron, a once-promising detective who went “in the dark” and was not remembered by anyone. Totomaru is a member of the Metropolitan Police Department’s investigative team. After being introduced by everyone, Tutuwan turned to Ron for help. At this point, Totomaru realizes that Ron is a…unhinged man, and that he might be the key to his return to detective work!

Ron Kamonhashi Anime Adaptation!

Recently, at the Jump Festa 2023 event, Akira Amano’s manga Kamo Hashiro announced that “there will be animation”. According to the leaked news, the animation will be produced by Diomedea studio, whose team includes:

  • Director: Shota Ida.
  • Script supervision: Dodo.
  • Character design: Masawa Ishikawa.
  • Music: Hiroshi Tsuji.

A short PV video of more than 1 minute was also released on the spot, which made the audience excited. Although it is just a promotional video, we can see that the whole movie is very beautiful and very close to the original. If the picture quality of the official version can be maintained like this, then Kamo Bridge Ron will definitely be a very popular detective anime in the near future.

Ron Kamonhashi anime premiere time

Currently, Ron Kamonhashi’s broadcast schedule has not been announced. According to Lag’s predictions, we may not see this production until late 2023 or early 2024. What do you personally think? Are you looking forward to the Ron Kamonhashi anime? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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