Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 393: Hisoka is invited to join the Royal Tour!

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 393, Synopsis 392: Nobunaga, without a word, immediately executes the stranger and goes into action. In another development, Hisoka met Hinrigh and received a very interesting invitation.

Hunter X Hunter 392 Introduction

With the support of Misha, a former member of the Xiyu family, and insiders, Xinrui passed the inspection of the soldiers. The Xiyu family’s plan is still going smoothly. Zakuro, Lynch is still looking for Hisoka. After a while, they met the real Hisoka, and Lynch attacked for knowledge but was knocked unconscious. Zakuro panics when he realizes he’s found the real thing – but he still hasn’t forgotten the mission, so he invites Hisoka to follow him.

In the final incident, a stranger appears in front of Nobunaga and his party.

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Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 393

hunter x hunter 393

The stranger Rooney was talking nonsense, and Nobunaga was so angry that he stabbed him in the forehead. So go forever. The Cha-Rs then appeared and were “gifted” to Luini’s head by Nobunaga.

In another development, Xi Suo meets the young father of Xi Yu’s family. Hinrigh asks Hisoka to cooperate with the Xiyu family in the battle of the kings. It’s unclear how Hisoka reacted, but the last few pages tell us that Hinri entered a room to interrogate a strange man.

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter will be updated soon.

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Hunter X Hunter Release Time 393

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 is expected to release on November 7th. Spoilers will be updated by Lag.vn NOW IN THIS ARTICLE, so please save or bookmark the article to be updated with new information as soon as possible. .

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