Merchants Hire Male Models to Wear Women’s Underpants for Live Streaming, Avoiding Chinese Laws

Many businesses have taken advantage of loopholes in Chinese law by hiring “slender” male models to live-stream sales of women’s underwear.

China’s online sales market is extremely diverse and popular, from cosmetics and clothing to food processing products and tools, merchants in this country rely on this model to promote business. their sales volume.

However, in recent years, the Chinese government has begun to impose strict laws on the online sales industry, and these regulations may lead to the immediate banning of many offending channels. For example, the content of mukbang, a super weird sport that originated in South Korea, was banned for wasting food. Similarly, women in lingerie who livestreamed lingerie ads have also been accused of “distributing obscene content.”

This has greatly affected the sales of merchants who sell underwear. The fact that female models wear lingerie may boost sales, but compared to that “revealing” attire, the streaming channel could face immediate and permanent bans.

However, some businesses have found ways to “circumvent” the laws enacted by China. Chinese law prohibits women from wearing underwear while live-streaming, but the law makes no mention of men.

Businesses Hire Male Models to Wear Women's Underwear to Circumvent Chinese Laws

According to @xiaojingcangxue, a popular Twitter account, some live commercial channels are now switching to slim male models in women’s underwear to avoid breaking the law.

The post went viral earlier this month and received mixed reactions from the online community. In addition, some users expressed humorous remarks, and some said that merchants were forced to use this tactic to avoid serious consequences from the enactment of the Chinese law.