Spoiler Blue Lock 206: Why Hiori Yo Joined Blue Lock

Spoiler alert and everything you need to know about Blue Lock 206: In this chapter, we hear the story of Hiori Yo, why he started playing football and why he chose to join Blue Lock.

Blue Lock 205 Summary

The content of Lansuo Chapter 205 is relatively mild. After the big win, Isaki was invited for an interview. In addition, Xue Gong was invited by Chris Prince to shoot product advertisement photos. In this passage, the world-class player clearly stated his “disgust” for Noah and Isagi.

During the finale, Snow Palace was called to Egg’s room. The problem with his eyes seems to have been discovered.

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Spoiler Blue Lock 206

Blue Lock 206

The title of the book is Blue Lock Chapter 206 Anticipation. The content of this chapter revolves around Hiori and why he came to Blue Lock.

His father is a Japanese judo silver medalist and his mother is Japan’s second tallest high jumper. Because they regretted not winning the first prize, the couple placed high expectations on their son. The expectations were so high that the two kept caring for Hiori with protein, a strength-enhancing drug, and “stuffed” football knowledge into his head.

At the beginning, Rizhi was quite obedient, because he thought it would make his parents happy, and he loved him very much. However, the parents’ “crazy” obsession made Rizhi’s family more and more distorted. As a result, the couple decided to divorce if Riori did not become the number one in the world!

Shocked by the story, Hiori falls down the stairs and is injured. After that, he thought about continuing to live up to expectations and protecting his family.

Not long after, Hiori met Karasu. After talking with Karasu, Rizhi made a decision: he wanted to run away from home with Qingsuo, and live up to the life he wanted.

Blue Lock 206 spoilers pause here. New details will be updated as soon as possible.

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Blue lock release time 206

Chapter 206 of Blue Lock will be released on February 15, 2023, and spoiler information for Chapter 207 will be updated on Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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