Spoiler for Boruto 78: Kawaki is determined to eliminate Boruto – the fate of Naruto and Hinata

Spoiler Boruto 78, Chapter 77 Summary: Determined to eliminate Otsutsuki, Kawaki attacks Boruto. The war between the two brothers broke out!

Summary of Borenden 77

boruto 77 tells us that the Code is trying to create an army of over a hundred small ten tails (called Tsumeaka). Meanwhile, in Konoha, Kawaki makes a rather unexpected decision. Using his karmic powers, Kawaki transports Naruto and Hinata to another dimension. His purpose of doing this is to kill Boruto and completely end the existence of Otsutsuki.

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Spoilers for Boruto 78

Boren 78

In Chapter 78, Naruto and Hinata’s Chakra can no longer be felt, which surprised everyone. Sunflower doesn’t understand what’s going on. As she gradually realized what had happened, she burst into tears. Ada said it was Chuanmu who did it.

Seeing this ominous sign, the blogger immediately ran home. Sarada followed closely behind. Elsewhere, we see Kawaki explaining that he sent Naruto and Hinata to a space where they won’t age or starve to death. Generally speaking, according to Kawaki, they will live there forever.

Then Kawaki attacked Boruto as he wished. Sarada intervened. Kawaki was about to kill the girl, but Boruto came to save her. Boruto’s injury is exactly the same as the scar we saw in the first chapter.

Shikamaru, Konohamaru and Sasuke stepped forward to stop Kawaki. At the end of the series, Momoshiki takes over Boruto.

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Boruto 78 Release Date

Bo Ren Chuan Chapter 78 is scheduled to be released at night February 20, 2023. Lag.vn will update spoiler information as soon as possible.

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