Himeno Chainsaw Man Becomes Nasty Anime Character For Kissing Tatsuji!

Not only the kiss, Himeno also “give” Denji a hearty meal. This detail made the audience so angry that they voted Shibasaw Himeno as the most hated anime character!

Who is Himeno?

Himeno is a supporting character in the manga and anime Chainsaw. She is a member of the Demon Hunter Organization, Aki’s senior, and the one who gave Denji his first French kiss.

In the seventh episode of the animated chainsaw man, Ji Ye gave Denji a passionate tongue kiss in front of Muzhen as promised. Not only that, she also… because she drank too much, she vomited into Chuan Er’s mouth! Himeno’s vomit details were also the first to be censored in the Saw anime.

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Himeno Chainsaw Man becomes the most hated character for kissing Tatsumi

Himeno kisses Taji

After Himeno made an indescribably disgusting behavior, many viewers expressed their reflections. They thought the scene was too “scary” and haunting even if it had been covered up.

A popular Japanese website called Suki Kira then asked users to vote for their least favorite Chainsaw character. It didn’t take long for Himeno to become the most annoying character, the main reason being her “vomit”.

This is the only character I don’t like in Chainsaw.

Spit and dirty, I don’t even like the way she looks.

She would look better if she was a girl instead of a demon hunter.

Kissing was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I had a bad impression of her.


Some reviews also gave general comments about Himeno as a character. Most people think Himeno looks too masculine. Her character is headstrong, flirtatious – even a little cunning when she’s ready to take advantage of Denji. The girl isn’t serious and just works with her head. Instead, she lets her emotions dictate, so she sometimes makes difficult decisions.

There have been some changes in the recent rankings, and Kohongni has become the most hated character, pushing Himeno to TOP2. Even so, the wave of hatred towards Himeno was quite strong. Is Himeno Chainsaw an annoying character to you? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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