High School DxD Artist Criticizes Anime Now Doing First Round ‘Over’ For Female Characters

As creator of the charming waifus Rias, Akeno in High School DxD, artist Miyama-Zero recently criticized the anime for drawing too much of the first half of a female character. Let’s take a look at the details.

About High School DxD

“High School D×D” is an action, erotic, harem light novel released in 2008. This work is composed by Kazuei Ishibun, and Rei Miyayama is in charge of illustrations.

The protagonist of High School DxD is Ise, a boy who was accidentally killed by a fallen angel. Before his death, Yicheng was fortunate enough to be rescued by Rias. After waking up, he learned that Rias was a demon, and he became a “slave” fighting for her in the upcoming war of evil forces.

In 2012, High School DxD was adapted into an anime, and its popularity is growing. The super hot scenes of teasing girls and the extremely seductive heroine are one of the core factors for this work to gain the attention of the audience. The success of Part 1 established a solid premise for the debut of many seasons in subsequent years.

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High School DxD Artist Now Criticizes Anime For Having Too Many Characters’ Breasts

High school DxD now criticizes anime for having too big breasts

Recently, artist Rei Miyama shared his views on current anime. Although she has created many attractive female characters herself, Rei Miyama always sets limits when creating characters. Therefore, he feels that the character design style of anime is a bit too much now.

Specifically, Rei Miyama feels that current anime is too hands-on in terms of creating first-person images of female characters. Restrictions are fading away so that now girls like Rias or Junai are small in comparison. Miyama Rei believes that this abuse of size is developing bad habits for viewers and anime creators, making the works created “weird”.

High School DxD Anime

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Miyama Rei’s opinion was supported by many viewers. Most people think that the design of the first round is too big, which makes the character look “fake” and loses its charm. Some people even say that balanced but realistic characters are more “mammy” than those oversized girls with big breasts.

I don’t know if you’re trolling Getsuyoubi No Tawawa?

That’s right, the bodies of High School DxD characters are forever.

I know, but the filmmakers are afraid that if they don’t draw big, no one will watch it, and it will become an industrial film.

High School DxD always top!

It looks really bad, the scale is ok, but it’s too big, and it’s dirty.

Too big is not good. In manga, anime or hentai, it looks good, but in real life, it’s miserable.

And you, what do you think? High school DxD artists are now criticizing anime for making breasts too big, is it right or wrong? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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