Why Anime Characters Have Blonde Hair – 5 Hidden Meanings Behind Hair Color

In anime and manga, we often see blond characters. Is it just because the author likes it makes a difference? Not really. Anime characters have blonde hair for a reason!

Anime, manga is a world where anything can happen. Among the “ridiculous” things we’ll notice is a common trait that characters tend to have very diverse hair colors, whether they’re high school students or aliens. The most popular hair color (besides black) is blonde.

Why do cartoonists like this color so much? It’s not random. The blonde color of an anime character has the following 5 meanings.

1. Save money by coloring!

In the animation, we will clearly see the character’s hair color. However, in the black and white world of comics, it’s quite difficult. Because of this, writers usually choose blondes – when they appear in the comics, they’ll be white. This makes a difference to the character and saves time on hair color! When writing a story, it would be nice to be a little helpful.

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2. Make the character stand out

Blonde Anime Character

Of course, the reason cartoonists dye their characters blond isn’t just because they’re too lazy to dye their hair. Blonde hair color contrasts nicely with black hair – basic hair colors are common. Adding character distinction to the character blonde makes it easier for the audience to remember – sometimes in contrast to the other main characters of the story – Naruto and Sasuke, Gojo’s Marin or the main characters in a romantic anime are all good examples of this .

3. Describe the character of the character

Blonde Anime Character

Throughout the development of manga and anime, blonde hair has gradually become a “sign” for the audience to understand the character’s personality. For men, blonde hair color represents a spirit of strength, confidence, intensity and explosiveness. Well, handsome or regal characters often have blond hair too.

For female characters, blonde hair color not only illustrates the above characteristics, but also shows their “shine” charm. Note that blond or silver-haired female characters always have more attractive personalities and expressions than brunette female characters!

For contrast, blonde characters are also often paired with brunette characters.

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4. Bad Ending Prediction

anime characters

This is a fact that was discovered not long ago under the name of the “Black Gold Effect”. This effect has the following: If the hero is brunette and the heroine is blond (and vice versa), then 90% of the movie’s ending is Bad Ending. For some reason, blond characters are often unlucky too, weird!

Of course, this effect isn’t always the case, but quite a few movies use it. Some examples include April is my lie, Takt Op. Destiny, Daylight Saving Time Rendering, Violet Evergarden,…

5. Describe how the character is different from other characters

anime characters

In some anime, a character’s blonde color is often used to distinguish the character from the supporting cast. The difference may simply come from the nationality of the character or the character. Sometimes blond hair color is also part of the description of a character’s abilities. Blonde hair is usually associated with lightning, right? As mentioned above, blond characters are often the opposite of brunette characters in the story.

Above are 5 hidden meanings of blonde anime characters. Besides what Lag mentioned, is there anything else you can notice? Leave a comment to chat with Lag!

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