Comic My Hero Academia – Superhero Academia on hiatus due to author’s ill health

This sudden interruption will cause My Hero Academia 380 to move to near the end of February 2023. Details on the reason for the hiatus and release date for the new chapter, Super Hero Academy, follow.

What is My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia (Japanese name: Boku No Hero Academia) or Super Hero Academia is a manga created by Horikoshi Kohei. The manga was published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2014. Currently, My Hero Academia has over 379 chapters and is expected to end soon in 2023-2024.

My Hero Academia is set in a world where almost everyone has superpowers. Izuku is a boy who dreams of becoming a hero, but he has no powers. Despite his limited abilities, Izuku still possesses a strong sense of righteousness. The Hero One, All Might, noticed this and decided to pass on his power to Deku.

In 2016, My Hero Academia was adapted into an anime. Up to now, the animation series has had 6 works and 3 film works.

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Manga “My Hero Academia” postponed for two weeks due to author’s health

my hero academia postponed

The environment in the comics industry is extremely harsh, especially for cartoonists. Many authors are unable to keep their jobs due to the stress of the job. More recently, writer Horikoshi Kohei has fallen into a similar situation.

As expected, My Hero Academia Chapter 380 will be released on February 7, 2023. However, on February 2, Weekly Shonen Jump’s spoiler information was released. From this, viewers learned that Superhero Academy was unexpectedly postponed. The reason is that Mr. Horikoshi is not in good health.

To ensure the author’s recovery, the “My Hero Academia” manga will be on hiatus for two weeks. The manga will be serialized from the 12th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

This is not the first time writer Horikoshi has taken an unexpected vacation. During 2021-2022, Mr. Horikoshi took several unexpected breaks for health reasons. Many foreign MHA fans are worried about the situation of the cartoonist. Hopefully with 2 weeks of rest, the author can regain his form and be strong enough to continue his work.

My Hero Academia 380 Manga Release Date (Updated)

With the latest announced break, My Hero Academia hap 380 will be released on February 20, 2023. In Vietnam, you will soon be able to see the new chapter of Super Hero Academy on MangaPlus on February 19 at 22:00.

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