Chinese men don’t hesitate to wear women’s underwear to sell goods live

Chinese men don’t hesitate to sell women’s underwear online, and with spectacular success.

In the past few years, the form live As people’s shopping needs increase day by day, selling goods has gradually become extremely popular.The most typical is the market China, live Sales is a “money-making” profession, not only for anchors, but also for brands.

The products sold are also extremely rich, ranging from clothing, home appliances to cosmetics, appearing on most live broadcast platforms in this country with a population of one billion.

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Early on, women were seen as the dominant players in online sales. However, as the times change more and more, men can also break into the live broadcast industry, and then create success beyond the imagination of netizens.

Even men themselves have a special appeal to online audiences, the most typical of which is the “lipstick king“Li Jiaqi.

Chinese men don't hesitate to wear women's underwear live to sell goods 2

Additionally, the increase in the number of male livestreaming sales is partly due to a somewhat odd set of Chinese laws. More specifically, women are not allowed to wear underwear when selling, which has caused sales of underwear brands to drop significantly, and it also clearly shows how important the model is.

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According to a named @小井蓝雪 According to the report, the male models did not hesitate to wear women’s underwear to promote products and avoid breaking the law. Other brands quickly adopted the format, and business is better than ever.

Chinese men don't hesitate to wear women's underwear live to sell goods 3

Not to mention that male models seem to have no qualms about promoting products in ways people can’t imagine, most notably a man in China, which has caused a stir because of its ad format.

Specifically, a 41-year-old man photographed himself jogging, but the most striking thing is that this man was wearing extremely high clogs while jogging, even women would hesitate to bring them in every time. Of course, with such creative advertising content, customers will feel extremely excited, and then sales will continue to increase, making the brand ecstatic.

Chinese men don't hesitate to wear women's underwear to sell goods live 4

With this unique and one-of-a-kind marketing approach, it has attracted more than 1.2 million subscribers on the TikTok platform alone and generated revenues of up to RMB 6 million (approx. RMB 20 million) — according to Star Video.