TOP 4 anime female characters are more popular than heroines!

As supporting actresses who don’t play much time, many supporting actresses are still deeply loved by the audience, sometimes even more prominent than the heroine. In this article, let us take stock of TOP 4 anime heroines who are more popular than heroines!

The term female supporting role is often used for female characters to support the main plot. Their image is not as good as the heroine, nor is it the center of the work. However, there are also many female characters with extremely good figures, even more popular than the heroine.To find out who they are let’s look at the TOP 5 women Japanese animation Here are the most popular.

1. Misuzu – Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko!

Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko – Tomo-chan is a girl is an anime adapted from a comedy manga by Fumada Yanagida. The main content of this work revolves around the heroine “tomboy” Tomo who is in love with her childhood sweetheart. It is worth mentioning here that although they have been together since childhood, the male protagonist does not know that Tomo is a girl! Determined to get rid of her silly crush, Tomo-chan begins to find ways to express her feelings.

After the animation version was broadcast, something unexpected happened. Not Tomo, but supporting actress Misuzu is the most popular person in the movie. It seems that this kind of ruthless girl is more popular with fans. Photos of Meiling and funny emoticons about her often appear on social networking sites.

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2. Hyuga-Naruto

Favorite anime character Hinata - Naruto

Naruto is a work with a lot of supporting roles. Of these, Hinata is one of the most beloved – even more so than Sakura. Hinata is gentle and lovely, good at housework, very close to the image of the perfect grandma in the audience’s mind. Plus, she’s strong and ready to act out of love and tolerance. As a person who is hardly criticized, Hinata has obviously become a girl who is “loved to steal” by many Naruto fans.

3. Rem-Re: From Scratch

Rem - Re: Zero

Another female character who is more popular than the heroine is the maid Rem in Re:0. Rem is the epitome of the best girl in the anime/manga fan community. Although the playing time may not be comparable to that of Emilia, what she conveyed to the audience is not inferior at all. Emilia is fine, but many fans choose to prefer Rem. In a recent survey, Rem also had the honor of being the most beautiful anime character of all time.

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4. Rebecca – Cyberpunk: Edge Runner

Rebecca - Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is arguably the most successful game-themed anime in recent years. In just 10 episodes, the work takes viewers on a crazy, violent, bloody yet emotional journey against the backdrop of a modern futuristic world. Along the way, we meet the beautiful Lucy, David “Blood,” the tough Maine, and the unforgettable Rebecca.

Although she is only a supporting actress and has few appearances, Rebecca’s appearance and character are crazy, “damdang” and mischievous, which left a very deep impression on the audience. The girl is so famous that she is often mentioned in forums and communities – even though she is only a supporting character. At the same time, the popularity of the heroine Lucy is still high, but her influence is not as good as Rebecca.

Above are the TOP 4 anime female characters who are more popular than the main female characters behind Can be synthesized. Do you agree with this list? In your opinion, which female character is more prominent than the heroine? Leave a comment so we can chat!

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