My Hero Academia fans call the saeson 6 anime “terrible”!

The My Hero Academia Season 6 anime adaptation of a potential storyline featuring an all-out war between heroes and villains has been highly anticipated by fans. However, judging from the performance in the series, fans are quite disappointed, because this movie is “too bad”!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Animation Summary

My Hero Academia Season 6 is the animated sequel to the anime stories from the previous 5 seasons. This season, viewers will witness a head-to-head confrontation between heroes and villains. This will be the most epic and largest battle in the history of Superhero Academy.

In addition to the plot content, this animation is also highly anticipated because of the outbreak of the battle scene. In the manga version, author Horikoshi conveyed everything very well, so when it comes to the anime version, fans can’t help but look forward to better works.

Perhaps due to the high expectations, MHA fans were really disappointed when they saw the sixth season. Many people commented that this animation is not as thorough and devotion as the previous ones, resulting in a picture… very bad.

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Fans Say My Hero Academia Anime Is Ugly

My Hero Academia Season 6 sucks

To be fair, season 6 of Superhero Academy is still doing pretty well. The plot is still guaranteed. Impressive sound that creates realism. The visuals are also good, though a bit sloppy at times.

What about the bad side? It seems that because of the dense battle scenes, the action animation is not very smooth. They’re pretty simple to make – too sketchy in places. This makes it difficult for audiences to “float” with the film, especially since the original manga is still a still frame, but it still creates a better effect.

Some parts of the film’s visuals are also overly simplistic. The most typical scenario is the following. In the original work, the bloody and crazy Shigara left a very deep impression on people. At the same time, the manga version erased a lot of important things, leaving only Shigaraki’s twisted body, which looks more interesting than scary.

Anime My Hero Academia

The criticism intensified when Bones – MHA’s studio – was also working on Mob Psycho 100 Season 3. While the work on Mob had top-notch imagery, Superhero Academy didn’t get off the ground. fourth. Could it be that… the bone has forgotten the hero?

Of course, while criticizing, there are also many viewers defending the sixth season of My Hero Academia. They think that the crew has done their best, and the animation is not as bad as many people criticize. And you, what do you think? Is My Hero Academia Season 6 Anime Too Bad? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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