Check out the most helpless characters in Naruto

Naruto has many different characters, but not everyone has an influence on the development of Hokage

what help Naruto Due to having a series of characters with many different personalities and powers, he has become very famous all over the world. Not every character impresses audiences, however, and Lagvn will take a look at the weakest of Naruto’s characters.


Shizune is Dan’s daughter, a disciple of the Fifth Hokage Tsunade, and is also introduced as a medical ninja with ears. However, throughout Hokage, we don’t see her doing anything useful. The most typical thing is that although she was Tsunade’s disciple before Sakura a few years ago, she still stands tall, and Sakura is now Boruto Konoha’s medical genius ninja.

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Check Out the Cast of Naruto's Most Useless Characters

Yebisu impresses viewers as an extremely eager man who spits nosebleeds every time he sees a pretty girl. Ebisu was introduced as Konoha’s Jōnin, and he is also responsible for leading the Jōningumi consisting of Konoha Maru, Moegi, and Udon.

However, at Boruto’s place, when the three genin had been promoted to jonin and had their own team, Ebisu disappeared. Apart from leading Konohamaru and his party, Ebisu seems powerless.

flying segment

Check Out the Cast of Naruto's Most Useless Characters

Hi Duan has been a cool name since he appeared, with a cold appearance and extremely powerful power. He worships a sinful and warlike god named Jasin, a sect that has many followers and loves chaos, so Xidan is also affected, and then chooses a violent path.

After being beheaded by Asma, Hidan was also the one who killed Asma Sarutobi. However, Hidan did just that, and was successfully trapped and defeated by Shikamaru.

Pipa ten made

Check Out the Cast of Naruto's Most Useless Characters

He was originally a Jonin of the Seven Swords of Wucun Village, and once left his hometown to become a member of Akatsuki, and also a comrade-in-arms of Uchiha Itachi. However, he didn’t survive Naruto’s prologue and was only mentioned in passing. Many people even say that Pipa Ten Zang is a worse version than Zabucho.

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Udon and Moegi

Check Out the Cast of Naruto's Most Useless Characters

These are very normal kids, not too special in Naruto, but still able to earn the title of Jonin in Boruto. However, in the eyes of many fans, Udon and Moeki are terrible Jnin. They don’t have any special skills except for the weird ninjutsu from Udon’s nose.


Check out the most helpless characters in Naruto

She was originally a student of Oshemaru when she was a child, but in the eyes of Oshemaru, she was just a tool. Red Dou later became an elite ninja and was the first referee for the trio of Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. This appearance left a good impression on her fans. What’s more, she has a pretty face and a strong character. But then she was just a tool to use her seal to revive Orochimaru.

However, in front of bloggers, Hongdou suddenly turned into a chubby aunt who loves to eat, which made fans lose interest.