Spoilers for My Hero Academia 384: All For One A meeting has been held!

Spoiler for My Hero Academia 384, Chapter 383 synopsis: Soon after, Gigantomachia escapes Shinsou’s control. However, the giant’s move is beyond our expectations!

My Hero Academia 383 Summary

Superhero Academy 383 is mostly a flashback to how Shinsou ruled over Gigantomachia. After mastering the giant, Shinsou and Kirishima head to All For One to assist. In the last page, Gigantomachia, Tokoyami, Mt.Lady, Isana and many other heroes attack AFO together!

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Spoilers for My Hero Academia 383: Siege of All For One – Super Hero Academia Part 7 announced!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 384

my hero academia 384

Title My Hero Academia 384: It’s a Small World.

At the beginning of the chapter, Gigantomachia attacks All For One. Tokoyami is concerned about whether AFO will be able to eliminate the giant’s quirks. Hawks said Mt. Lady is preventing an attack on Gigantomachia.

AFO realizes that this ability is why Aoyama’s family betrayed him. The villain laughed at Zhenshuang, and then attacked with sound waves to revive the giant fish. Machia asks why AFO abandoned him in Jaku.

A flashback pops up, making it clear that the AFO left Gigantomachia on the mountain. Machia thought the AFO would be back and waiting, then he realized he had been abandoned by his master.

Hawks says what Gigantomachia is doing is very understandable. Next, we see Tokoyami, Mt.Lady, and Machia attacking AFO together. On the helicopter, the reporter is broadcasting the whole process live for everyone to see. The reporter cried. In one frame, we see Deku holding Shigaraki.

At the end of the chapter, many people are watching the heroes fight.

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my hero release date Academia 384

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 scheduled for release April 3, 2023. Lag.vn will update this post with spoiler information as soon as possible.

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