Spoiler for My Hero Academia 373: Hei Tong starts the war and the heroes are in trouble!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 373 Chapter 372 Introduction: Although the Present Mic tried to stop it, the Spinner managed to “awaken” Hei Tong. Another man joins the fight, who shall we take?

My Hero Academia 372 Summary

Chapter 372 is the next Zhengzhi battle. During the battle, Shoji tried to use his words to awaken those with the ability to change their appearance. However, nothing seems to work. The villains are getting bloodier. Spinner still had some sanity left, so he went to Kurogiri’s place as ordered by the AFO. Present Mic saw this, so he was there, and called Hei Tong and Spinner’s names at the same time.

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Spoiler for My Hero Academia 372: Spinner is defeated – Present Mic joins the fight

Spoilers for My Hero Academia 373

my hero academia 373

The beginning of this chapter reminds us of when Aizawa was still in school. Together with Present Mic and Kurogiri form a very special group and are also very close to each other. Outside, the battle was still raging.

Spinner had run out of strength, and he gradually shrunk and fell to the ground, accidentally dropping a hand (apparently something prepared by AFO). The Present Mic was about to attack, but Spinner rushed forward and put his hands on Kurogiri’s face.

Hei Tong woke up and said:

I am the guardian of Shigaraki Kimura.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 373 scheduled for release November 21, 2022. Lag.vn will update this post with spoiler information as soon as possible.

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