Hearing news of Vtuber Pikamee’s retirement, otaku community demands JICH WAR with anti-fan Hogwarts Legacy

In light of criticism from online activists and anti-fans Hogwarts legacy leading to the retirement of Vtuber Pikamee, the World OTAKU community proposes JICH WAR. Let’s take a look at the details!

Who is Pikami?

Amano Pikamee is a Japanese Vtuber under VOMS Project. She started work in early 2020, and the main content includes chatting with viewers, game streaming and “comedy”. As of March 2023, Pikame has over 664,000 followers on YouTube and nearly 250,000 followers on Twitter.

On March 1, 2023, Picami announced his retirement at the end of the month. After her last live stream, all her content on Youtube will be kept private.

Picami attacked by anti-fan Hogwarts legacy

Pikachu Hogwarts Legacy

Earlier on February 10, 2023, the game was inspired by the Harry Potter series – hogwarts legacy It has officially launched to global players. Loved by many Potterheads and many gamers for its fun graphics and gameplay, Hogwarts Legacy has been the target of criticism from several groups.

The community that denigrates the game is mainly those who hate the author JK Rowling and “Internet activists”. They think a game inspired by a work created by a racist should be boycotted – even the people who play it should be criticized!

With the above in mind, the Hogwarts Legacy anti-fan community has set out to seek out and attack anyone who plays the game. The anchor, Vtuber, is also a victim. He was blocked by the council just after he announced the live broadcast of the game.

Picami is also a victim of the anti-fan Hogwarts legacy. As soon as she announced that she wanted to experience the game, she was criticized by a series of “Internet rights activists”. Their attack was so powerful that Pikamee had to delete the live stream.

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Otaku community calls for JICH WAR with anti-fan Hogwarts legacy

Otaku Crusade Anti-Fan Hogwarts Legacy

As mentioned above, in early March 2023, Picami announced his retirement. The management department said that they had planned for this for a long time, but many fans believed that it was the attacks of Hogwarts heritage black fans and Internet rights defenders that made Vtuber make this sad decision.

Calls for justice for Pikamee are not uncommon on manga and anime forums. On 4chan, the campaign to hunt down and punish attackers is intensifying. Fighting back was also very active on Twitter, with the hashtag #JusticeforPikamee. Anti-war organizations have even dared to “deal” with public opinion newspapers, fueling the malicious “cancel culture” movement. Kotaku recently had to delete a post after it deliberately misled viewers that Pikamee was being bullied by online human rights activists was just a rumour.

Human rights online is the dumbest garbage I’ve ever seen.

Just being ostracized for playing the game. OMG.

If they want war, give them war!

Those guys fight everywhere because they think no one dares to protest. It’s time to fight back.

Get rid of all those idiots. Just play games, but not stand still.

The more gentle, the more aggressive. Recently, there have been cases of criticizing manga authors for not drawing black characters anymore. Obviously silly.

Jihad is fine, but what about the aftermath? Sometimes they attack cartoonists and artists.

At present, public opinion about JIRIS is still boiling among the otaku community, especially Pikamee fans. What do you think? Do you think the Hogwarts legacy anti-fans need to be dealt with? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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