Fans were shocked when they heard that the Chainsaw Man comic writer faked a girl on Twitter!

After being discovered, Chainsaw Manga author Naruto Fujimoto did not “don’t know, I don’t remember” to cover up, but frankly shared the reason why he used Twitter as a girl. This fact surprised the fans, even the cartoonist colleagues!

Who is Tatsuki Fujimoto?

Naruto Fujimoto is a Japanese manga artist, born on January 10, 1993. As a manga artist in his early years, Mr. Fujimoto served as assistants to famous manga artists such as Yuji Kakuro, Tatsuya Endo, Ryu no Yushin, and Toda Dato.

Since 2014, he has started publishing short stories with very specific content and style, which have attracted the attention of experts and readers alike. In 2016, Naruto Fujimoto released his first full-length manga, Fire Fist. The author’s name gradually rises from here. In 2018, Mr. Fujimoto made his debut as Chainsaw Man. The Chainsaw Man story officially brings Naruto Fujimoto into the ranks of Japan’s talented young manga artists. When any of Fujimoto’s work is enthusiastically supported, readers also gradually fall in love with him.

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Chainsaw Man author pretends to be a girl on Twitter

Twitter Author Naruto Fujimoto

As the creator of crazy and unique works, Mr. Fujimoto is certainly not a simple-minded person. Recently, fans of Chainsaw Man suddenly discovered Fujimoto-sensei using Twitter. If it’s just an account like many other cartoonists, there’s nothing worth mentioning. The surprise here is… Twitter is owned by a girl with a cute name @nagayama_koharu.

Fact: The editor who worked with Fujimoto-sensei didn’t know this either. When he found out, he even planned to step in legally because he thought someone would dare impersonate the author!

Immediately, the question of “why” was raised. It was a bit of a surprise that Mr. Fujimoto was discovered (in fact, the old fans of Chainsaw Man already know a lot, but now there are more people who naturally know). Then the author calmly explained that Changshan Xiaochun was actually the name of a third-grade sister who temporarily hijacked the account (probably because she was a bit young). Not long ago, he posted some short videos of himself and a picture of the Chainsaw Man so that some loyal viewers would use the account to recognize him.

Fact 2: Since Mr. Fujimoto has never shown his face, many people speculate that the author is a woman (because the account is a woman). According to the currently published information, the author’s gender is male.

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comic chainsaw man

To the question of why not to use a separate account to interact with readers, Mr. Fujimoto gave the answer… quite difficult. He said the reason for using the @nagayama_koharu account is to feel like a girl who really likes chainsaws and fire fists. Yes. It sounds real, but there’s something very wrong about it.

Fans reacted a lot after learning the above truth. Most people are amazed and amused by the somewhat quirky idea of ​​Naruto Fujimoto.

No wonder his character is also covered up :))

I know, seeing Twitter is suspicious!

The author is a coward and the story is indescribable.

Wow, did he lie?

Everyone pretends to be a girl.

Currently, the Twitter page @nagayama_koharu has over 500,000 followers. Author Fujimoto is also quite active on this account, and he posts almost every day to interact with the audience. The cartoonist’s sister will also inform everyone from time to time when the brother will use the fan account to send text messages. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s fun, isn’t it?

What do you think of the comic author’s above-mentioned disguise chainsaw man. Do you believe the story that Naruto Fujimoto tells is not very good…he doesn’t have a sister and is just fooling his fans? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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