Top 20 Most Popular Remix Genres: Just Listening to It Gives You a Headache

Not surprisingly, the chart below has a lot of labels… weird. What is the most popular Hayten genre? Let’s find out Lag in the top 20 audience favorite genre rankings.

Hentai – haiten or 210 is the name of a erotic manga from Japan. The mission of these works is to bring entertainment, relaxation and “education” to the audience. Currently, since it is a 18+ cultural product, hentai is mainly disseminated through 18+ websites or printed as storybooks for sale at manga, anime, and doujinshi events.

DLsite is one of the most popular names in the “publishing” platform hentai doujinshi. Recently, this site suddenly announced the most popular genre rankings on DLsite. Now, let’s see the taste of the world community through the following TOP 20 most popular Haitian genres.

1. Netorare – Youth

Also…it’s no surprise that NTR is the genre that occupies the TOP 1 spot. Netorare are basically adultery stories in which one (sometimes two) people have an adulterous relationship with another. Others out of carnal desires. Netorare is morally wrong, but somehow the hentai audience loves the genre.

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2. Help her there


Well… In simple terms, Futanari is a term for girls with male genitalia (sometimes both genders). It’s hard to understand, why do people like this genre? If anyone knows the answer, please help Lag answer.

3. Hypnosis


Hypnosis or hypnosis is pornography in which the protagonist will use hypnosis (or use an aid) to control the behavior of the subject. Hypnosis is also a very amoral genre, but it still has a huge fan base. It seems that anyone who violates morals likes something.



Where is the FBI? ? ?

5. Nipples


Nipple is the English word for “grape” on a person’s chest. I don’t know why, but works with this label are very popular.

6. CHEAP Reverse

cheap reverse

7. Sister Shota


8. Good voice


9. Licking ears

lick ears

10. tentacles


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11. Playboy.

12. Pregnancy.

13. Obedience.

14. 3D.

15. Feces.

16. Corruption

17. Yandere.

18. To tickle.

19. Succubus.

20. Ann*me.

The above are all the TOP 20 most popular Haitian genres on DLsite today. What do you think of this “unique” ranking? Are you surprised that many unique genres have high rankings? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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