Chainsaw: The Origin and Powers of Aki Hayakawa

As the most “human” character in the Saw trilogy, Aki has audiences both curious and excited for many different reasons. In this article, Lag walks you through the character’s origins and strengths. Come on, let’s get started.

Who is Aki Hayakawa?

Aki is the protagonist of Chainsaw Man’s first comic, a demon hunter under Maki Shin, and is in the same group as Bauer and Denji. In the original book, Aki did not disclose his age, but according to his drinking and smoking, Aki should be over 18 years old.

Fact: The name Aki was inspired by AK – a gun, which expresses the character’s connection to the gun devil.

In the anime, Aki is voiced by Shogo Sakata.

Aki.’s past

Akira Hayakawa

Unlike Power or Denji, Aki is human. In the past, he lived a peaceful life with his parents and younger brother in Hokkaido, Japan. Thirteen years before the main line, gun demons attacked the whole world, and Aki’s family became victims. Ya Ji watched his relatives being blown away by the wind, holding a grudge, and determined to become a demon hunter and kill the gun demon.

After joining the Demon Hunters, Aki met Himeno. The two quickly became friends and their relationship was very good. Aki also has a special affection for his boss, Makima.

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Aki’s character

I don’t know if it’s because of his introverted personality, but Aki has always maintained a very calm demeanor. He is clean and tidy, and he is often meticulous and meticulous in doing things. In general, Aki is quiet, but since meeting the two “leopards” Denji and Power, Aki is often angry – but this may be a good thing, because he can now express his true feelings.

Aki’s power

Chainsaw Aki

As a human being, Yaji has no way to become stronger, only by exercising his body and signing a contract with the devil. In Chainsaw Man, Aki is a rare character who has contracts with 3 different demons. Each demon grants him different powers, and what Aki has to trade for changes.

  • magic fox: By exchanging body parts, Chi can summon a demon fox to attack his designated target. Mohu usually does not have high requirements, but his strength is very average. After the battle with the magic sword, Yaji can no longer summon the magic fox.
  • future demon: In order to replace the demon fox, Aki signs a contract with the future demon – a terrifying demon who is being held by the police. By having a demon dwell in his right eye, Aki can see seconds into the future. Aki can also summon demons when needed.
  • devil curse: The contract between Aki and Demon The Curse grants Aki a special sword (Aki desperately wants to pull it out and use it, but Himeno doesn’t allow it in episode 6 of the anime Chainsaw). When using the power of this demon, Aki’s lifespan will be shortened. In return, he can point his sword at an enemy and “mark” it with the word “fire”. When 3 times are enough, the cursed demon will fully emerge and destroy the target.

In addition to signing the contract, Aki is also the object of the “contract”, becoming a puppet in the hands of the Overlord Demon. This factor will be explained more clearly in the Demon Ruler’s article, so stay tuned.

The above is the origin and power of AKI.But if you are not afraid of being spoiled and want to know the future of AKI, you can continue with this last part – the future of AKI

Aki’s fate after death

After Ya Ji was killed, he became the host of the gun demon, and officially became the demon clan. His purpose of attacking Denji is to kill Saw Demon. With the ability of the gun demon, Aki can use his body to make guns. He can also heal wounds by absorbing blood.

After a fierce confrontation, Aki died. His death may appear in season 2 of the anime Chainsaw.

So far, the information about the role of Chainsaw Man Hayakawa Aki has been exhausted. Are you surprised by what you see? Do you personally like the character? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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