Manga author ecchi harem To Love Ru once cheated by his wife and kidnapped his daughter!

As a joke of fate, the manga’s author, Kentaro Yabuki, had his wife wear giant horns on her head! This wife is even worse, abandoning him many times and even “kidnapping” the author’s daughter!

Who is Yabuki Kentaro?

Kentaro Yabuki was born on February 4, 1980 in Hanoi, Japan. A big fan of the Dragon Ball manga, it was Akira Toriyama who inspired Yabuki-sensei to pursue a career as an artist. After years of studying—mostly from Toriyama-sensei and Takeshi Obata—Kintaro Yabuki achieved his first success with Black Cat, which was released between 2000 and 2004.

In 2006, Yabuki Kentaro released his most popular manga, Airu. Belonging to the harem genre, ecchi combined with the good elements of rom-com, Airu has become the “bible” of ecchi fanatics. In 2020, Yabuki-sensei will release a new manga called Ayakashi Triangle. Although this work has a different context from “Like Love”, the content and what happened are reminiscent of a masterpiece of an era.

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The author of “Love Ru” once had his daughter abducted by his wife wearing a cuckold

Love you

Because the main work is day and night, cartoonists are generally very “gentle”. They usually have peaceful families without any drama – like Eiichiro Oda’s (One Piece) family or Masashi Kishimoto’s (Naruto) Kishimoto’s family. However, there are some exceptions, and writer Kentaro Yabuki is sadly one of them.

In 2006, Yabuki-sensei hired an assistant to help him finish the manga “Airu”. Kashiwagi Shiho came to interview. The two then “fall in love” and gradually develop a romantic relationship. Not long after, the two were married. Soon after, Yabuki-sensei welcomed her first daughter.

The first stage of the marriage went well. Writer Yabuki also shared that he developed the character of Haruna Sairenji from his wife. Everything seems to be like this… Yabuki’s house is on fire, and from what has been revealed, it appears to be Shiho Kashiwagi’s fault.

As a kind of person who “knows there are lice only when you cover the quilt”, Shiho Kashiwagi began to show that he was not ready for marriage. Contrary to Haruna’s personality, Shiho hardly does any housework—she even takes care of the children, despite knowing that her husband is busy composing music. Instead, she takes the time to meet her own personal needs.

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Author Ai Ru gets cuckolded by his wife

In January 2009, a “laughing” incident occurred. At that time, the author Kentaro Yabi was seriously ill. Instead of taking care of her husband, Ms. Shiho chose to… kidnap her daughter and run away!

Yabuki-sensei checked the information for a while, and found that Miss Shiho left her daughter at her grandparents’ house, but she went out with another man. Yes, not only did she betray Yabuki-sensei, she even abducted her daughter from her father without even speaking to her, and then abandoned her!

In February of the same year, Yabuki-sensei begged Miss Shiho to come back “for the sake of the child”. The wife agreed to return, but left after a few days. When she leaves, she has her phone and the cartoonist’s debit card with her! Mr. Yabuki locked the card immediately after finding out, but spent a lot of money.

In March 2009, Ms. Shiho voluntarily filed for divorce on the grounds of “incompatible personalities”. But by collecting testimony and verifying the facts, Ms. Shiho is the one who did something wrong in this relationship, and there is little chance of winning if she goes to court. At this point, Ms. Shiho just hits the water… asking for money, and in exchange the author will get custody of the child. Yes, very convenient. If you have money, you don’t need to raise children. The best waifu is here.

Love you

Yabuki-sensei saw that it was useless to pester him any more, so he agreed. The writer then let To Love Ru end early (August 2009) to avoid controversy over Haruna’s character. In the sequel, the character also rarely appears. Maybe the matter with his wife is also the reason why he doesn’t let the protagonist pair up with Haruna?

“I spend time drawing ecchi stories and while I’m concentrating on undressing the girls on the page, others are stripping my wife” – Yabuki Kentaro shares.

The above is the whole ups and downs and painful marriage story of Yabuki Kentaro, the author of Harem Love Manga. What do you think of this story? Have you learned a lesson for yourself? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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