Ragnarok Memorabilia 73 spoiler preview: Beelzebub VS Hades, be clever and turn over Tesla!

“The Valkyrie of Demon Repair-Ragnarok Record 73” spoiler preview Chapter 72 Introduction: In trouble in the Tesla battle, Beelzebub recalled it again. This time, it will be the story of his confrontation with the god of the underworld!

Ragnarok 72 Log Summary

In Chapter 72 we hear a better explanation of Tesla’s teleportation abilities. Tesla died on January 7, 1043. Based on unfinished research by scientists, an experiment called “Philadelphia” was conducted. They managed to teleport Eldridge 363 miles away. However, experiment participants were unable to survive the effects, so the project was cancelled.

In Paradise, Tesla continues his experiments with instantaneous translation. He did it with a metal called Gendul.

Back on the ring, Beelzebub, who had been beaten badly, had his clothes torn, revealing an extremely healthy body. Just then, a bracelet on Tesla’s arm exploded. Scientists say that each teleportation destroys one ring. Now, he can only teleport twice more.

After Tesla’s story, a flashback to Beelzebub. In Hell, Beelzebub goes to Hades and challenges him to a duel. By the end of the chapter, Hades has just taken up arms.

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Ragnarok 72 Spoiler Record: Tesla Flashback – Beelzebub VS Hades!

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Records of Ragnarok 73

With chapter 72 wrapping up, 99% of the next chapters are flashbacks to Beelzebub and the gods vs. Hades. This is a completely fictional story, so we don’t know who won yet. Still, it was foreseeable that Bill would lose. Maybe Satan won’t show up—if he does, Hades will be able to handle it, otherwise the gods can’t beat Qin Shihuang even if they are still alive!

After the flashback, the confrontation between Beelzebub and Tesla continues. With the “power” of flashbacks, Bell would have a way of guessing what Tesla was thinking and fighting back despite the scientist’s teleportation.

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The only thing that gives Tesla an advantage in this game is “Ancient Teleportation”. If Tesla doesn’t beat Beelzebub in the next 2 teleports, he will lose almost 100%. We don’t know if Bill still has the cards, but if Satan shows up, it will be difficult for Tesla to continue.

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Spoiler Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok 73

Detailed spoilers for Record Of Ragnarok 73 will be updated as soon as possible, expected on December 24th.

Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok Episode 73 Release Date

Shuumatsu No Valkyrie – Record Of Ragnarok Episode 73 scheduled to be released December 26, 2022. Lag.vn will update spoiler information as soon as possible.

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