Elon Musk wants Twitter users with green tick to pay ‘maintenance fee’

$20 was the number the billionaire had in mind when he was planning to “collect taxes” to identify users.

Since the official acquisition Twitteryoung billionaire Elon Musk Started thinking about the business strategy he wanted to implement on the platform and started working on changing the social media platform.

Currently, Twitter users can sign up to verify their account, and upon success, a blue tick will appear next to their account name. Such accounts are usually awarded to public figures and celebrities, companies and other influencers in the community. In preparing to buy Twitter, Musk talked a lot about his plans to revamp the platform and what to do with bots. On Sunday, Elon Musk said that “the entire authentication process is currently being revised.”
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Twitter charges users 2

While Twitter’s authentication has always been free, Musk is reportedly considering paying users to use the feature.follow edge, Musk plans to launch a new Twitter Blue subscription service, users need to spend $ 19.99 per month. Essentially, this will turn the optional Twitter Blue plan (currently $4.99 a month) into a more expensive service.

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Twitter charges users 3

Current green tick accounts are told they have 90 days to sign up before being stripped of their mark. Meanwhile, any new account that wants to get a green tick can do so easily by signing up for this package. Employees are also responsible for implementing these changes by November 7. The Verge also said that employees will be fired if new registrations are not ready by then.