One Piece: All about Vegapunk – the ‘mad scientist’ of the World Government!

As the creator of Pacifista, Seraphim and countless other inventions, Vegapunk is a very important character in One Piece. However, Vegapunk is quite mysterious and very few people know about this character. In the following article, invite you to learn about Vegapunk with Lag!

Who is Vegapunk?

Vegapunk is a minor character in the One Piece manga. Vegapunk never appeared in the main story line, but was only mentioned through the dialogue of other characters. In the One Piece 1061 spoiler, a girl appeared and claimed to be Vegapunk. Vegapunk showed up? If this is true, then there is a high chance that the next arc of One Piece will reveal more about this character.

Spoiler One Piece 1061: Vegapunk is a girl!

Vegapunk is working as a scientist for the Navy and World Government. His inventions have greatly contributed to the development of the current Navy.

Vegapunk’s Origins

Vegapunk was born in Baldimore – Future Kingdom on Karakuri Island. According to the characters, Vegapunk from an early age was a very intelligent child. Vegapunk has created many timeless inventions, including robotic animals. Vegapunk’s manuscripts are numerous. However, due to funding constraints, most of them were abandoned.

Years ago, Vegapunk worked with Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge and Queen on an outlaw research group called MADS. Realizing this was a dangerous organization, the Marines attacked. Vegapunk was later captured and became a scientist for the World Government.

Vegapunk’s Personality

Who is Vegapunk?

Although on the side of the Marines, Vegapunk is repeatedly described as a good person. In the past, Vegapunk has refused to experiment on children. This character also vehemently opposes the production of H2S for fear that they will harm civilians. Vegapunk also accepted Kuma’s final request and programmed the former Shichibukai to protect the Sunny.

Overall, Vegapunk is a pretty likable character. However, why would Vegapunk make weapons like the Pacifista or the Seraphim? Is Vegapunk really a bad guy or does the World Government force this character to do so?

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Vegapunk’s Abilities

one piece Vegapunk

Vegapunk is a scientist with a genius mind. The inventions and research that this character makes are valuable far beyond the current era!

Vegapunk was the one who came up with the idea of ​​installing seawater rock in the bottom of the ship so that the Marines could easily pass through the Ring of Silence.

Vegapunk researched a lot about Devil Fruits, thereby knowing how this fruit works. The results seem to have helped Vegapunk figure out how to give Devil Fruit powers to inanimate objects. According to many rumors, Vegapunk is also one of the few people who know about the “truth” of the Devil Fruit.

Since he worked in MADS, Vegapunk must have known about “genetic factors” or other similar technologies. Vegapunk has also worked on creating artificial Devil Fruits, although it is not clear whether it will fail or succeed.

Vegapunk’s most impressive invention is probably the Pacifista or, most recently, the Seraphim. These “living weapons” all have very scary combat capabilities and they make the Navy and World Government much stronger.

According to the developments of One Piece 1061, it seems that Vegapunk will participate in the upcoming developments. This “signals” that a lot of facts about this character will be revealed. Let’s wait and see what happens with Lag!

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