TOP 10 Anime Characters Who Think They’re Good But Are Actually Villains (Part 2)

In addition to Muzhen of Chainsaw and Aizen of Shinigami, in the world of manga and anime, there are many characters who think they are good but are villains. In the next article, let’s see the TOP 10 characters with lag!

TOP 10 Anime Characters Who Think They’re Good But Are Actually Villains (Part 1)

After part 1, here are the remaining TOP 10 anime manga characters who think they are good but are actually villains.

6. Isabella – The Promised Neverland

Isabella is the mother of Gracefield’s children. When the story of “The Promised Neverland” first begins, it is easy to imagine that this woman is a real “mother” who always does her best to take care of her children. Well, that’s also true, because at the end of the day, Isabella also acts because she wants to take care of the baby. However, Isabella is still the “accomplice” of the devil. But she’s also lucky, because despite her role as the villain at the beginning of “The Promised Neverland,” by the end of the story, Isabella has a chance to redeem herself.

7. Yatsushiro – Erase

Yashiroology - Erase

Erased or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi is a very good animation in 2016. The film has an exciting story, has a realistic cast of characters, and has a very engaging development. In addition, the villain Yadaixue in “Erasure” also left a mark on the hearts of the audience. For the most part, Gaku is a model teacher, kind and doesn’t seem at all dangerous. Because of such a favorable impression, most of the audience were extremely surprised when this name appeared.

8. Malty Melromarc – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Malty Melromarc - The Rising of the Shield Hero

Speaking of difficult turns, one cannot fail to mention “Fran” Malti in “The Rise of the Shield Hero”. Hero of Shield is just getting started, I don’t know much about the style of the story yet, I think Malty will be Naofumi’s sidekick. However, what this beautiful girl did was not for a good purpose. Everything Malty told Naofumi was a lie, she just wanted to make the hero suffer.

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9. Kushida Kikyo elite classroom

Kushida Kikyo - Classroom of the Elite

If you notice, there is another character in the reinforcement class that follows the “good idea but bad idea” theme – that’s Kikyo. Kikyo’s appearance is very cute, giving a feeling similar to many waifu that appear in other anime. We’re surprised, confused, and shocked only when the girl turns her face as a nuisance ready to use tricks to get what she wants.

10. Johan Liebert – Monster

John Liebert - The Monster

Rounding out the list has to be John Liebert – the character voted “Greatest Villain of All Time” by many anime fans. John’s fear comes from many factors, not the least of which is the character’s physical appearance and ability to manipulate the mind.

As a villain, John is so sunny, handsome, and gentle-so that everyone who comes into contact with him immediately sympathizes with him. Johan is also very eloquent, so he makes a great first impression. With such a good start, John gradually manipulates those who believe in him to do evil – while he himself continues to be a “model citizen” in the eyes of the community.

Above are the TOP 10 manga and anime characters that look good but are actually villains. What is your most impressive villain? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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