Dragon Ball: Many times summoning the God Dragon, why doesn’t Goku revive Mr. Gohan?

In Dragon Ball, although he has seen the Dragon God many times, Goku has never revived his late grandfather Gohan. Even when finding the Dragon Ball became very easy with Bulma’s technology, Goku did not. Why? Let’s find out together.

About Mr. Gohan

Son Gohan is a supporting character in Dragon Ball. He is the one who found and raised Goku. In the main storyline, Mr. Gohan was killed by a giant monkey that we later learned to be Goku. Once married, Goku named his first son Gohan in memory of his respected grandfather.

Fact: Mr. Gohan used to be the number one student of Quy Lao Tien Sinh. He has also had several appearances in Dragon Ball and movie titles.

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Why didn’t Goku revive Mr. Gohan?

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If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, you probably know that Goku has seen the Dragon God many times. Later, with technologies from Bulma, finding dragon balls can also be done extremely easily. So, why didn’t Goku revive his revered grandfather? Having accidentally killed Mr. Gohan himself, Goku must really want to atone, right?

Actually, the answer to this is quite simple. The Divine Dragon, though all-powerful, cannot resurrect those who do not want to be resurrected. Mr. Gohan died quite “painfully”, but he did not want to be resurrected.

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In the Fortune Teller Baba Saga, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Puar and Upa had to face off against Baba’s warriors. Among those warriors was Mr. Gohan. After teaching his grandson with extremely effective blows, Mr. Gohan took off his mask and reunited with Goku. At that time, Mr. Gohan explained that he was summoned by Baba but only for one day. When the day is over, he will return to the afterlife.

In this passage, Bulma said that it was possible to use the wish of the Dragon God to resurrect Mr. Gohan. However, he refused because he did not want it.

In addition to the “rejection” from Mr. Gohan, the wish of the Dragon God also had its limits. The Dragon God can only revive those who have died within a year. Mr. Gohan has been dead for a long time, so even if Mr. Gohan wanted to, the Dragon God couldn’t bring him back.

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Why doesn’t Mr. Gohan want to be revived?

why doesn't goku revive gohan

The simplest answer is probably because he accepted his life. Reviving the dead is often seen as unnatural. Moreover, perhaps because he saw that his grandson had a lot of friends by his side, Mr. Gohan was no longer worried or nostalgic.

Above are the reasons why Goku did not revive Mr. Gohan. How do you think? Are they reasonable? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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