What is the Ragnarok event and how does it affect the God of War: Ragnarok storyline?

Ragnarok is one of the biggest events in Norse mythology

Ragnarök (“Sunset of the Gods” or “End of the World”) has been called the final chapter of Norse mythology, telling of a series of dark events in the future that lead to a great war. Marks the end of the universe and the death of many gods in Norse mythology. Ragnarok also has many similarities to the biblical chapter of Revelation.

Ragnarok is the occurrence of a series of natural disasters, including volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, disasters and the burning of the nine worlds, with land sinking into the ocean. Nine days after the end of the world, the world will rise again, and the fertile gods who survived this war will return to Asgard to help the world to be reborn, and human beings will continue to live. Similar thanks to the last two survivors hiding in Hodmi Misholt in Mimir.

Ragnarok is also an important event in Norse mythology, and it has been the subject of scholarly and theoretical work throughout the history of German and Scandinavian studies.

There have been multiple ways of interpreting Ragnarok throughout human history. The first is Ragna, whose adjective is Regin, meaning pertaining to power or gods. However, the last element has two different variants, including “rök” and “røkkr”

“Rök” here means origin, destiny or end.

“Røkkr” can be interpreted as dusk or evening, and there is also the variant “Ragnarøkkr” in the poem “Lokasenna” and the prose Edda.

It can be seen that Ragnarok is “the doom of the gods” or “the twilight of the gods”.

In a passage from Vafthrudnismal and unz um rjufásk regin, some other phrases referring to this event are “aldar rökr” (the end of time), “tiva rökr” and “þá er regin deyja” (“When the gods die ”) (“The gods shall be destroyed”) in Lokasenna.
Ragnarok begins with three major events in Norse mythology, namely “The Birth of Loki’s Three Children”, “The Death of Baldur” and “Fimblewelt”.

Fimbulvetr is known as the three coldest and harshest winters in a row, most often due to the phenomenon being killed by the two wolves of Fenrir, Skoll and Hati, and the wolf witches Dead Sun and Moon of the Jarnvid forest. Because there is no light, the world is always in darkness.

A series of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis occurred in the first winter… At this time, the rooster Fjalar in the forest of Galgvigr in Jotunheim will crow, and the giant Eggther will play the harp of the end of the world.

In the second winter, a great war will break out among humans, and an unknown rooster with a yellow blood will crow in Helheim, heralding the beginning of Ragnarok.

During the third winter, 100 days before Ragnarok, the rooster Gullinkambi with golden feathers like the sun will crow from the roof of Asgard Valhalla, signaling to the gods.

What is the Ragnarok event and how does it affect the God of War: Ragnarok storyline? 2

To win Ragnarok, Odin, king of Asgard, had to build Valhalla and pick virgins from the race, naming them Valkyrie. The mission of the Valkyries is to bring the souls of soldiers who died heroically on the front lines to the Holy Kingdom. Half of them will go to Valhalla and the other half to Freya’s Folkvanger estate in Vanaheim.

The gods now bound Fenrir to Dwarf Gleipnir, threw Jormungand into the sea of ​​Midgard, and Hel into Helheim to slow Ragnarok’s progress.

The moment Ragnarok begins

Heimdall (White God) will sound the Horn and the Galar Horn so loudly that all nine worlds can hear it. Odin will lead the gods and Valhalla’s army of heroic warriors to the plateau. The 1,000-mile wide Vigrid lies between Asgard and Jotunheim.

Freya has now overthrown her palace of Sessrumnir – a great ship that carried armies east across the ocean. All the elves, dwarves and even humans joined the fight.

Loki now relieved him of his punishment, and so made an alliance with the Giants, and Kings Surt and Hel of Muspelheim built Naglfar out of the fingernails and toenails of the dead to carry their entire army.

Loki and Hrym will take turns steering the ship to the Vigrid battlefield, where Frey is waiting. Surt and the Fire Giants will destroy the Creature Frostbridge to stop the gods.

What is the Ragnarok event and how does it affect the God of War: Ragnarok storyline? 3

Frey was the first god to fall in Ragnarok. He only had a pair of antlers, but this god was able to defeat many giants, including Bailey’s brother-in-law. Soult took the “brighter than the sun” sword Lavataiin to fight the god to the death, and finally killed Soult and Frey. The flames from the Broken Sword burned down the World Tree.

After the Fenrir wolf was freed from Gleipnir’s grip, he opened his mouth wide, with his lower jaw on the ground and his upper jaw reaching the sky, swallowing all the stars into his belly, and at the same time spraying flames from his eyes, nose and mouth.eyes its mouth

At this time, Odin was riding on the back of the steed Sleipnir, wearing a bright golden armor, brandishing a steel spear and heading straight to the center of the battlefield, beheading countless enemies. However, he was defeated by Fenrir and consumed by it. Using a special pair of shoes sewn by his mother, Odin’s son Vidal stood between the wolf’s fangs and slit its throat to avenge his pie.

Thor tried to fight the giant Yermunga python to the end and succeeded in killing it, but because he absorbed too much of the python’s venom, the god fell after taking only 9 steps.

The god Heimdall used Hoffin’s sword to fight Loki to the death, and both died in front of Spang’s sword. The stars fell, the earth sank to the bottom of the sea, and the world tree rolled in flames. The time of the end of the world has come…

What is the Ragnarok event and how does it affect the God of War: Ragnarok storyline? 4

Nine days after Ragnarok ended, the ground surfaced again, turning the green of ancient times. Now appeared a man and a woman, Lif and Lifthrasir, who hid in the Hoddmimis Holt of Mimir, nourished in the cool mist and survived the Doom. The righteous soul of Gimli City also returned to the world, and together with the two of them, they rebuilt the entire human society.

Balder and his wife Nanna left Helheim, summoned the living gods, and returned to Idavoll, the center of the old Asgard. Magni and Morty picked up their father Thor’s magic hammer for safekeeping. The surviving gods will come to Gimmel Castle in the Vedderbrain Paradise to gradually rebuild a new world without war or deprivation.

We can see that Ragnarok is not only an end of the world, but also the beginning of a new world order, which is more beautiful and more complete.