Light novel gluttony anime adaptation!

Warmly welcomed by fans in Japan and internationally, Fury of the Gluttonous Light Novel is officially getting an anime adaptation! The details and release time of the animation are as follows!

Boushoku No Berserk: Ore Dake Level To Iu Gainen Wo Toppa Suru or Gluttonous Berserk is a light novel written by Isshiki Isshiki with visuals from fame. The work was officially released in November 2017 and is currently continuing to be released to audiences.

Set in a fantasy world, a gluttonous rage follows fate, a humble gatekeeper despised by all. However, no one knows that beneath the fragile appearance of fate, there is a terrible power hidden: hunger. Destiny has grown up, and I don’t know what this ability is used for. It wasn’t until he killed an intruder that he realized the power he possessed…

In March 2018, the gluttonous berserker received a manga adaptation from author Daisuke Takino. The gluttony frenzy gradually became more famous and well-known. The work also has a strong fan base, who have been looking forward to the adaptation of their favorite works into anime. After waiting for days, the day they had been waiting for finally arrived.

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Gluttony’s Rampage Light Novel Anime Adaptation

gluttony anime rage

Recently, Wechat magazine reported that the light novel “Gluttony and Gluttony” will be adapted by anime. To “celebrate” the event, the famous artist painted a special picture on it.

In addition to the above announcement, no information about the Gluttony Rampage animation has been announced. However, according to many predictions, the animation will be produced by teams specializing in light novel adaptations, such as C2C, EMT Squared or White Fox.

Gluttony’s Rampage animation premiere

Since the animation details have not yet been announced, it is highly likely that the adaptation of the gluttony light novel anime “Furious Fury” will not be broadcast until around the end of 2023. The most reasonable release date for the movie is probably around early 2024. Lag will continue to update with new revelations about gluttony rage, so stay tuned.

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