Ruler officially leaves Gen.G, marking the start of the LCK’s turbulent transfer season

One of Gen.G’s strongest pillars to date has officially bid farewell to the team.

The general esports transfer season has begun, and League of Legends not excluded.The first blockbuster of this year’s transfer season League of Legends General and Regional LCK especially Park “ruler” in Hyuk – Gunners of the team Geng Official farewell to the team after the semi-final defeat World 2022 past. Gen.G posted an official announcement about the departure on its Twitter page.

Park “ruler” in HyukOne of the LCK middle-aged ADCs, who joined the team in 2018, officially bid farewell to the team he has been dedicated to for 4 years. Very consistent form and a solid backline throughout the game.

Chi Ye Geng Er

During the 2016 LCK Summer Split, Ruler had an impressive performance as the team’s main starting spot sew. By 2017, he and his teammates at the time Samsung Galaxy defeated the empire SKT T1 in the final World 2017 crowned champion by name CuVee, Ambition, Haru, Crown and Core JJ. Most of these names are now either leaving the professional game or becoming coaches.
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With this departure, Gen.G’s roster for the next tournament will need to find a name that carries enough weight to carry a roster that lacks depth, as they did at Worlds 2022. Although Ruler is in good shape, Gen.G’s playstyle after the recent inexplicable fiasco has caused many people to question all five members.
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