Anime Chainsaw Man is gaining popularity as Makima appears in real life!

At a recent event, Chainsaw’s Wrangler suddenly appeared in real life, surprising everyone! The appearance of this girl made the Chainsaw Man’s fan base explode – the Chainsaw Man’s popularity has also risen a few steps!

Who is Wrangler?

Makima is one of the main characters of the manga and anime Chainsaw Man. She is affiliated with the Demon Hunters, the one who recruited Denji after defeating the undead. Makima is a beautiful, smart, “dangerous” girl who also has a big influence on the main storyline. It is for these reasons that Muzhen is deeply loved by fans, and some people even prepare to call her “Wang Wang” every time they see her.

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Anime Chainsaw Man is getting more popular thanks to Makima appearing in real life

Recently, female coser Mei Wanli Yi Muzhen appeared in cosplay activities. It is worth mentioning here that Mei Wanli looks so much like Muzhen that many fans have to say that she is “Muzhen in real life”. Mimari’s photos taken at the event have been circulated by fans on social media, truly making waves in the anime world. The beautiful image of Mi Marie also made many people curious about the Chainsaw Man and began to pay attention to this work.

Cosplay Wrangler

Cosplay Wrangler

cosplay makima chainsaw man

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Mimari when not cosplaying:

Cosplay Wrangler

Mimary as a child cosplay:

Cosplay Wrangler

Surprisingly, Mimary previously played mostly male characters. It seems that when she shows her femininity, she wins the hearts of the audience, right? What do you think of the Makima cosplay image above? Is the real life Makima prettier or the original? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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